Dehumidifier Water for CPs?

banjoman(z7 NY)December 18, 2005

I had a thought.

I've been spending $1.29 per bottle of distilled water for my CPs, and I go through a lot of bottles.

The dehumidifier in my basement sucks water out of the air which I would think would have no minerals in it. Can anyone think of a reason why dehumidifier water would not be a good idea for my carnivorous plants?



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drosera36(z5 Rochester NY)

Yes, someone once suggested that to me, though, I would think that the water is rather dirty from the inside of the machine? I'm not really sure though.


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wildbill(6 CT)

Dehumidifier water is fine. I used it all summer for the past few years.

You can also use melted snow. I fill a large cooler with snow and once it has melted, open the spigot to fill 1 gallon jugs.

If you run out and have to use distilled, around here Walmart has it the cheapest - 57 cents a gallon.


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banjoman(z7 NY)

Thanks for the responses. I like the snow in the cooler trick. Between the dehumidifier and the snow cooler, I should have enough to keep me going most of the time.

This should prevent the guilty late night trips to the supermarket when I see all of my water trays empty and I can't find water in any of the distilled water jugs scattered around my house.

Some people rush out at night in desperate need of cigarettes, for me it has been distilled water.


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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Ive been using dehumidifyer water fine for 4 months now, cheeper and than buying water, But i use snow when their is any on the ground.
I plan on buying a R/O system soon sheldon showed it to me im buying it when i have a little extra cash. Its cheep and sheldon says it puts out Tons of water for the size and price.

cheers and good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: R/O water

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I use water from my dehumidifer almost exclusivly and have for years, my plants love it. Just keep the dust filter clean and you won't have any problems.

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joeb004(z3/4 MN)

I get 39 cent RO/UV treatement/cabron filter...blah blah blah at the grocery stores and pet stores where I live. Even with the RO unit mentioned earlier, $88 equates to 225 gallons of re-fill water for that price. No way I go through that much water with my plants every year...thought with plants and aquariums, I easily do. Still, I doubt that filter lasts a year for my well water and my water requirements. Not to mention I use rainwater in the summer months...never actually considered using snow. Good idea...lots of that around here in MN! ;)

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wildbill(6 CT)

In the spring and summer, I catch rain and store it in empty plastic barrels. I got 33 and 55 gallon barrels at our local carwash for free. They use them for soap, carwax, etc., so you have to wash them out really well. Right now I have two 55's and a 33 gal barrel of rain in our basement. Another is outside - a 33 gallon block of ice! I just hope it didn't crack.

You can buy "downspout diverters" to switch the rain from a rain gutter into the barrel. You would be surprised how much you can catch.

Here is a link that might be useful: RainCollection

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Sheldon has used that R/O system and said it works like a dream and has had it for a little over a year and hasnt had any problems with the membrain or w/e its called, And i live in a very agracultural active area, i dont know what the people around me use for pesticides or fertalizers so i would be iffy about the rain catcher.


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joeb004(z3/4 MN)

It might work fine, by my point is the 39 cents per gallon at grocery stores; $88 for a RO unit is cost prohibative if you use less than 225 gallons per year.

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wildbill(6 CT)

Of course, nothing beats FREE!!

One rainstorm filled up two of my 55 gallon barrels.

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This is a very interesting question. Not sure if there is anyone here can write me a short article on "why dehumidifier water would not be a good idea for carnivorous plants". I will post it on house dehumidifier section if there is any expert here willing to help. Anyway, I will start doing some research on this topic and post back if I find anything.

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I've read a few different postings from "experts" that say that dehumdifier water should be fine, since that's technically distilled water. The only one that was leery about it said that a lot of brands use copper coils and the only thing he was worried about was copper leeching into the water. As for using snow, I don't do it and wouldn't recommend it since snow acts like natures scrub brush. Snow absorbs a lot of pollution as it falls through the atmosphere. Way more than rain water does. It's very dirty.

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Rain water vs. dehumidifier water: when water vapor condensates in the air, it does so around a dust/airborne particle of some sort. Collect rainwater, cover, and let settle. You'll see the dust settle out. In your house (basement) there's probably less dust in the air and the vapor doesnÂt need it to initiate condensation. IÂve never seen any settling from dehumidifier water. Also, especially in urban/industrial areas, the atmosphere can contain sulfur dioxide that becomes sulfuric/sulfurous acid in water.
As for dissolved metals (from the coils), the water isn't in contact with the coils long enough to foster any appreciable transfer. Both Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) have solubility of less than 10 mg per liter (about a quart) of water (listed as Âtrace in most references). IÂve been using it on all my plants the Ârequire rain or distilled water including several Venus Fly Traps and a couple of Pitcher Plants and they are doing fantastic. They are my Âecofriendly way to control those flying insect pests in my jungle office. A word of caution: I regularly check for any mold starting on the condensate bucket. It would be interesting for a chemist or someone with lab access to do a quick read for dissolved metals in dehumidifier condensate.

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My home is near by sea so there is a lot if humidity in the environment. To make my house free from humidity I am using dehumidifiers from past few months and they are working good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dehumidifiers

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