sudden meyer lemon leaf drop on beautiful tree

lindsey5809(9)November 30, 2012

Hi friends,

I have a potted Meyer lemon that was just beautiful. Bright green leaves, tons of flowers and early stages of fruit.
All of a sudden it lost all of its leaves -- in the span of a week. I can't figure out what happened. We have had some late fall heat waves, and it did sit in a saucer of water not too long after that. I also did my usual citrus fertilizer sticks (which I've been doing for years) all in the past month.
Any ideas? Will these blooms stay or did I lose all the fruit too until the leaves grow back (hopefully they grow back?) Help!
The tree is in a great location, sunny etc. and had been flourishing.

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My guess is your trees roots are sitting in water which has denied them the oxygen needed to take up nutrients or water. Your soil may have reached the end of its useful life and will no longer drain. I would repot now into a new free draining mix. Al

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ok I will do that if the rain stops here! do you think I will lose all the blooms that have started to fruit? what a sensitive tree, I"ve had it for years and it was doing so well. thanks for your help.

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Yes the bloom will likely fall off which is just as well. When growing in containers, long term, you should plan on replacing the growing mix. How often will depend on the mix you are using. The organic material in the mix will begin breaking down as soon as you start using it. The longest lasting organic in the mix is usually fir bark, but this should be carefully sized to match the other ingredients. For this purpose I prefer to make the gritty mix which will last the longest. What ever mix you use read the list of ingredients and make a note of when the mix will need to be replaced. In California citrus labeled fertilizer is available everywhere and should be used monthly for container citrus. A three foot high tree would benefit from about a tablespoon of most brands of citrus fertilizer. Al

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Really -- i had no idea potted citrus needed fertilizing so often. This is helpful, I will head to the nursery for some new soil as soon as it stops raining!

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