Chinese redbud won't flower

dogridge(7b nc)April 28, 2013

Not one single little flower! I've had this tree for at least 3 years. It is now 8+ feet tall and otherwise seems to be doing well.

It's under a pine and an oak, but seems to be growing fine as far as foliage goes.


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I'm in the clay. I let one sit in a pot for awhile before I planted it. It flowered nicely the next year and in addition via seeds or runners or something, I ended up with several others where the pot had sat. I transplanted a couple of those and they bloomed the year before and after transplant and of course the ones that stayed in placed bloomed really well. I'm not a native here. Perhaps if you're in the sand rather than clay, that is holding it back?

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

dogridge, is it possible that in the area of where you planted the redbud that there was a previous black walnut tree?
The roots of a black walnut, one even cut down, will continue to have a negative effect on the growing of many other plants/shrubs and trees.

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I've read they won't bloom if in to much shade.

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Like anything, probably needs sufficient sun. Try a native one.

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