Is this container too shallow for Lithops?

DavidL.caJuly 5, 2014

I saw this at a local nursery and thought it's a neat pot for my lithops, but realized that it is pretty shallow, would the roots have enough room to breath/air exchange? I compared it to a standard 4" plastic pot.

Please give some ideas! Thxxx

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They would likely be fine in that pot- they tend to do better in smaller pots due to their finicky water requirements. That pot is for a specific type of growing referred to an "Shonin Bonsai", though I don't think it is possible to bonsai Lithops.

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Okay that's good to know. Yeah it looks like a bonzai pot but I thought it looked good as a lithops container, right now I have a 3" terracotta pot but it seems a bit small. It also has more drainage holes and a tray

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Question for you .. Would you still use it for lithops if somebody suggested not to use it ?

Somebody already did as you seem to insist that it'll work.

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I'm sorry if I misunderstood. He said that it should do fine and that lithops do better in small pots. He only said that these pots are meant for Bonsai trees, but didn't say it's bad for lithops... I posted this to get advice so I can decide to use it or not, so of course I'm listening to people's opinions. And again, sorry if I misread his message...

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Lithops tend to have a fairly long tap root so personally I think it it too shallow.

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Ok thanks! I will look for a deeper pot in this case. I just liked this one because it would give me more room for a few more lithops. But if it's too shallow for the roots then I will try to find something else!

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I was thinking the tap roots would bend, as other plants in a bonsai pot does. Pretty much anything you put in one of those pots is going to be cramped for space, that's how you control the plant size. However, I havenot tried it with lithops so others more versed with them would probably have better outcomes for that. If anything I would be concerned about the bonsai pot being too wide for just few small lithops.

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