Meyer lemon branch die back

queensinfoJanuary 26, 2014

Will it be able to survive a branch did back episode if I keep pruning ahead of the dying branches? I have some other posts related to over winter and leaf drop that has more background info, but to sum it up, Meyer lemon, container, 5-1-1, first overwinter 3 year old plant, indoor/outdoor, prior scale issue (still some hanging around). It is about 80 percent defoliators from when I brought it in.
It may have dried out too much last month in my attempts not to overwater but keeping up with it now. Picture is of one of the tallest legs. I'll post a whole plant pic in next post

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Whole tree.

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Branch die back like that is most commonly caused by under watering; prune it back to green and it should make new growth.

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Thanks. I have been chasing some of the brown back but it keeps continuing. Just gotta make it 3 more months.

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Root rot is very bad about that. When roots die the tops die and vice versa. Also too much nitrogen can cause that. If they were under watered, there would likely have been several days of heavily curled leaves before any die back.

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