When to start getting venus fly traps out of dormancy

stevelau1911December 8, 2013

I have some b52 and dcxl venus fly traps currently in dormancy in the fridge, and I'm wondering, when would be a good time to get them out of dormancy?

I've had them in there for about a month now, and I've been wondering, if I can get them out on the windowsill, will they have had long enough of a dormancy to start thriving right away?

Do I need to wait until spring?

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Spring is a good time. They require at least 3 month.

Take them out early, because of the cold weather & low photo period, plus not enough rest. All you're going to do is drive them into shock & even kill them.

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I guess I can leave them in the fridge until March when I can bring them perhaps into my greenhouse to get going with the stronger sunlight.

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Middle to end of Feb./early March is when I take mine out.

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I'm testing one of them out anyways since I have 3 B-52 VFTs. I know the daylight is very weak at this time of the year, but I just want to see what it can do.

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