gottahosta(z7b_NE_GA)September 1, 2010

Remember this?

presenting mom, Dorthea and dad, #713A (Bergfeuer x SuperSpot, Volker hyb.)

Below are five sibling seedlings that recently bloomed.

Quite a range of shapes/ curly/straight/ no tendrils but they are all pink!

Let's hear it for PINK!!! LOL!

A few of them are very dark pink, but I was actually shooting for a dark, dark pink Dorthea seedling!

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

Those are great looking babies, even if they aren't what you were hoping for.

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Thanks, PA- I like the one that looks like it's banking & coming in for a landing! ;-)

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That Dorthea has an absolutely beautiful pink! I'd of been content with that one if it were my first and only! There are 2 in there that are pretty dark pink with long whiskers, which characteristics do you hope to have from

Lovely babies! You surely are pleased with yourself!- Sandy

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Isn't it interesting how sibling brugs can be so different? I have 5 of your seedlings of Dorthea X Esmeraldas X Mountain Magic growing so far- only 2 have bloomed- the one that I posted so far is a medium pink, FABULOUS fragrance of orange blossoms, disease and pest resistant. The next one is a smaller dark pink. Can't wait to see what the rest will turn out to be!
Thanks for sharing! Great Work!

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The 2nd pix looks like it has dad's shape. All beautiful though!

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It won't let me enlarge, but I really like the color on the first seedling.

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Thanks for the comments- and I'm sorry that the thumbnails won's open, guess it back to the huge photos! I thought photobucket was going to work for me. This is my only complaint about posting photos on the GW, so I have been posting my photos on Facebook and on Cubits.
Good luck Kasha with the rest of your seedlings.
I was shooting for a darker pink Dorthea. Dorthea's tendrils are over 4" long and I love them.

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chena(z8 Texas)

That 4th one of the sibs is really nice!! Is this the first blooms? Looks like you have a bunch coming in!

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