Can you actually plant a CP in a terrarium?

syrinth(5a)December 11, 2009

This may be a foolish question, but I've never dealt with terrariums or carnivorous plants before.

I've been looking into terrariums *primarily for Nepenthes because then I wouldn't have to worry about dormancy periods.* and the pics I've seen from places that I trust have the plants in pots inside of the terrarium. That's a look that I find to be somewhat unappealing.

Would it be allowable/feasible/wise for me to plant Nepenthes inside of a terrarium with other plants? In the proper mix of course.

While I'm on the subject, would it be feasible to create a terrarium for VFTs, Sarracenia and Sundews that can have the temp lowered for them to go into dormancy?

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Hello Syrinth!

You CAN grow C.P. in terrariums. Where it can SOMETIMES be healthy for some but most it's not good at all. All I can say is there is a MUCH higher chance of getting fungi on your plants. I suggest keeping them outside (Unless you have a Nepenthes)!

Check out this website for more info / care sheets they have a link to ask experts ANY question about your C.P.!

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Oooh thanks, I live in Canada so it gets rather cold in the winter and damn hot with relatively low humidity in the summer >_>

Although it's odd, I thought terrariums in general was a good idea...

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CPs don't belong in terrariums. I don't know why people insist on growing them in terrariums. It's not required. Neps do fine out in the open air in your house over winter.

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Really? I thought that most of them required a good to high level of humidity?

That is definitely not the open air of my house...

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The humidity need is a MYTH. Good lighting is far more important.

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I have what is essentially a terrarium setup for a few Neps, wooly sundews, and a few bladderworts. It's a mini-greenhouse that has a plastic cover. But it is not and entirely enclosed system. The bottom perimeter is open.

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mooseling(Z5 CO)

I have a Nepenthes in a terrarium because I like my house cold, and I can easily heat the terrarium. He's doing just fine in there, but I'll be taking him outside in the summer.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Tommy wrote "The humidity need is a MYTH. Good lighting is far more important"

I agree that good lighting is more important but not all Nepenthes will grow well and pitcher prolifically without the added humidity. Pitchers can be stunted and aborted and don't last long if not kept moist. The plants I have in a terrarium have pitchers on just about every leaf and some pitchers are 5-6 months old. The pitchers on the plants I have that are in open air only last maybe 2 months and don't grow on every leaf. Since I have been misting them 2-3 times a day they are doing much better.

The biggest problem with planting a Nep. in a terrarium will be keeping the water level right and not let it stagnate. I know it's not very pleasing to the eye but that's the reason for keeping them in their own pot.

Some Pygmy Drosera will do good in a terrarium. D. occidentalis, pygmeae and omissa and any hybrids, Badgerup, Carberup and roseana should do well in a plated terrarium.

If you insist on planting a Nepenthes in a terrarium I suggest you keep it in it's own pot so you can easily take it out without disturbing the roots if problems arise. Even then you may need to pot up or transplant into a bigger pot. I have 2 larger plants that will not last the next growing season in the terrarium(getting too BIG) so they will have to be acclimated to lower humidity this coming spring. Lucky for me the humidity rarely gets below 50% here.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Interesting nobody mentioned another drawback to Neps. They are a vine tend to grow in a straight line and will quickly outgrow even a large terrarium.
There are dozens of kinds of plants that flourish in terrariums with minimal care .
Of course I'm a "landscape" freak lol. Terrarium allows you to keep a miniature ecosystem.
Any plant that requires a "seasonal " change is a poor choice for obvious reasons??

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

If the plants are bought young they could stay in the tank for 3-? years. Mines only made it almost 2 1/2 years and is too big now without vining. You can keep the vines cut back easy enough and even start new plants from the cutting. You could actually start a whole colony of Nepenthes that way.

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Wow, thanks a lot for all the thoughts. I guess I won't be worrying about that then, although the idea for the nepenthes colony is attractive...

*Is new to carnivorous plants although has done some reading and completely new to terrariums*

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