Why is it

alicia7b(z7b/8aNC)April 29, 2008

that I always end up with a longer list of things to do after I've spent all day in the garden than when I started? This must happen to everybody. I'm not actually complaining, mind you, because I love gardening, but tasks seem to multiply faster than weeds! We spent this weekend working here and actually got the mowing done early for a change. Usually the spring mowing sneaks up on us until it seems like it's totally out of control. But now I have a list longer than my arm! lol

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I am glad it is not just me! I am overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do.LOL

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

It does happen to everybody once they spend a bit of time outdoors.
Planning from indoors is nice in the winter but all those elaborate plans get set aside when you actually get out among the 'chores'.
I used to think I could attack them in a zone by zone basis but the weeds wait not while you're cleaning and working in a different zone.

All my potted plants have baby elm trees growing in them and lots have japanese stiltgrass seedlings from a few missed 'weeds' while I was vacationing last spring.

I'm trying not to post during the day but you know how it is when you're overwhelmed with the to-do list.

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rosebush(z7 NC)

"I used to think I could attack them in a zone by zone basis but the weeds wait not while you're cleaning and working in a different zone."

Amen, Dottie, I hear ya! This year I seem to be completely overwhelmed with things to do, both indoors and out. The weeds NEVER give up, agh! If I spend a day transplanting seedlings, then the weeds just grow larger. LOL :)
Then there are all the new projects: rain barrels, trellises, hillside plantings, new beds.

It must be SPRING!!! :)

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has these issues!!! I really thought it would be eaiser this year because I now work out of my house instead of driving into an office (got to love IT and Telecommuting!) but I find myself daydreaming about what I could get done during the day. With all the tasks to establish the gardens, and maintenance, and the house it's self, I'm overwhelmed! I have considered the Zone Attack, and then I find myself having to force myself to complete one project before I move to something else. LOL I need a vacation to work in my yard!!

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

One thing..we are so incredibly lucky to have had this RARE LONG SPRING. Usually by May it's getting so hot,so regularly that I'd wished I'd started in March instead of April.
Goin' back outdoors.

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We had a mild winter too. I agree I hate that Aprils when it gets up to 88 or 89 almost every day, not enough to say it got into the '90's but hot.

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transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)

I definitely understand about the list getting longer. Here's how it tends to happen:
I get home from work, have supper, and go outside completely bent on mulching a specific garden. When I get out there, I look things over and somehow convince myself I cannot mulch until I have moved one or two perennials whose blooms aren't quite a good match to the neighboring plants. I look around in my other gardens for an alternate place to move the plant to, only to discover I must move another plant in order for plant #1 to have a new home. So, now I must dig up plant #2. I do this very carefully and since I don't know where to put plant #2 yet, I have to go find a pot big enough. AND, since I'm not sure if I'll get it in the ground by the end of the day, I must mix good soil to add to the pot for plant #2. Okay, the soil is mixed and plant #2 goes in the pot and I soak it thoroughly and place it in a shady spot. I stop to pull a few weeds in that spot and 15 minutes later realize I'm supposed to be planting plant #1. I go back to the planting hole, mix in some good soil, settle plant #1 in, water it and decide a few nearby plants need water, too. I now spend anywhere from 10 to 20 more minutes watering the nearby plants and realize it's getting dark. Guess what? The garden never got mulched and I now have to find a home for plant #2. Meanwhile, all the nasty little weeds I didn't pull have been growing and growing and growing...

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transplanted - your post is exactly, I mean EXACTLY - what happens to me.

I have even made lists - written them down - and put numbers in order of importance.. but when I go out there, the list is useless. By the end of the day, I look at the list to see if there was ANYTHING on there I can scratch off... usually there isn't, only adding more to the list!

But you know what? I can't wait to go back outside tomorrow and start all over again

Carrie :0)

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LOL, Carrie that's exactly it!! Nothing gets scratched out on the list and the list just gets longer!

Oh, well, it's fun anyway. If it wasn't fun we wouldn't do it.

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This is a terrific thread, I hope more post with similar experiences (then we won't be so hard on ourselves.. and also won't think we have ADD!!) LOL


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Tammy Kennedy

Boy, oh boy, am i glad i'm not the only one this happens to! I deliberately went back out to do one thing on my list after i'd quit yesterday just to be able to scratch something off! LOL. I think it's just so easy- too easy- to get distracted and see other more urgent things to do or just to putter & get lost in that when you're in the yard (just like transplanted's post). Actually i'll admit i do the same thing with the house, too. So i guess i'm just hopeless. The only thing i stay on task with is work.

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I always try to get everything done early before it get's too hot BUT it never seems to happen. I get a good start and then FIZZ OUT. Good thing I have a strapping 13 yr old boy...LOL! Poor thing will probably never want to grow a plant in his adult life! LOL

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