Rot top of S. purpurea

wildlifehelper2000(MD)December 18, 2006

I found on top of crown a part where lost growing point was rotting. Thought that was odd? So I scraped off much of the dead parts off,but not all the way to live part,just bearly. And sprayed fungicide on it and watched it to soak in to let me know I need to spray little more. Few days later I checked,seem ok? I just wondering how and why this happen?

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Many fungi will attack CPs, it's completely normal. Never heard of your particular case, but if its doing fine now i guess it was some kind of fungus.

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So far its ok. I sprayed it little more today just in case. Saddly I lost one of my butterworts this week that I keep in the house in winter since these are like sub-tropicals.

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