Refrigerator Pot vs Potless for Flytrap

atelesDecember 4, 2010

Hello CP fans! I am new to the CP forum but have been on the orchid forum for a little while now.

I am trying to coax my flytrap through its second winter with me. We moved last year and have a well lit garage that's currently hovering around 36-38F. Currently the little bugger seems to like the garage and is still putting out new leaves!, but I'm afraid it's going to get too cold as Iowa gets serious about winter. I'm considering the fridge route.

For people who put the whole pot in the fridge, are you continuing to water? And/or do you put it in a ziplock bag?

Have people had better luck keeping it potted or using bare roots?

Thanks! --Ateles

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At 36-38 F the plant should go dormant. But if you want to do the fridge thing, I pot the pot, uncovered, in the butter keeper. I kept it barely moist.

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I've done it both ways. Both work. Putting the whole pot in is easiest obviously. Just bag, tag and you're done. If the plants are crowded you could always repot in last winter upon waking up.

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Thanks for the responses. I am surprised that it hasn't gone dormant yet... I don't know why it's still putting out new growth in the garage.

petiolaris and tommyr, do you use some kind of fungicide before you put the pot in the fridge for the winter?

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I usually spritz mine a bit with a SULFUR based fungicide like Safers. Then check on them once a month and repeat if needed.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

If you let the media dry enough you won't even need a fungicide but they do need a little moisture. Cutting the traps off also helps keep fungus at bay. You can cut them off as they turn black or all at once. I think bagging the whole pot is the easiest and checking them for fungus/mold once a month while dormant is just good practice.

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