flowering now?

mattmega4(9)December 6, 2009

I purchased a red leaf drosera capensis from you serracenia northwest a while back, and I thought it'd be kind of cool to grow a store bought droseara capensis next to a properly raised CP...both seem to be doing great. i live in bay area california and have them outside in the full sun in a liter box of distilled water ever since. I went up to admire my cps and i noticed the store bought sundew has started to put up a flower stalk..im prob gona shoot way over or under..but i think ive had them for liek 2 months or more. Is this normal? If it is a symtopm of death cube syndrome how long will it take to cure?

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Yes it is normal for cape sundews to flower, these are tropical plants and will flower according to their growth cycle. Flowering is a good sign it has recovered. The one that you bought from the store may be on a different cycle then the one you purchased from Sarracenia Northwest.

As a side note, cape sundews, depending on the variety. Will produce foot long scapes of about 20 flowers or so, my alba cape sundews have produced scape up to 18-inches long with 30 flowers.


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i guess i'm just surprised they are flowering now in the winter..i guess thats cool..glad they healed up

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My albino version of capensis is sending up a flower scape. That "flower and die" phenomenon is mostly associated with VFT's and lack of light energy.

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