is my venus flytrap dormant?

bryan18December 3, 2006

I bought a venus flytrap from home depot about a month ago and the new traps that its sending out are about half the size of the ones it came with. The average nightime temps here in southern CA are in the high 40's to low 50's. I want to give my vft a dormancy period but this is my first vft i've owned so i dont really know what a dormant vft looks like. Is my venus flytrap dormant or is it sending out its fall leaves?

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Hey there Bryan,

I am also located in southern california. I grow my flytraps outside all year round. If your plant's new traps are smaller than what they were when you bought it, then it's probably falling dormant. My plants already stopped growing, Too.

The signs of a dormant Flytrap is:

1)Older leaves turn black and dye off
2)growth decreases or slows down
3)Traps are smaller than usual
4)leaves are closer to the soil


*My advice to you is*

1)water your plant with a tray method. Pour water in your plant's Saucer or water tray. Since it's dormant, just keep its soil moisten but not soaking wet. But never allow its soil to dry out.

2)If you're growing your plant outside, You may leave it in a bright location with some Sunlight.

3)Don't bother feeding your plant, it will most likely close its trap slowly since the temperatures are pretty cool and the days are shorter now on days.(flytraps close their traps faster when they are grown outdoors in full sun during the growing season)


Don't worry if your plant is not actively growing at this Point. Your plant will grow back again during late february as days become warmer and longer. When late February arrives, grow your plant outside in full sun, Minimum of 4 -6 Hours per day.

The growing season for flytraps is from Late february through Late October.

So, you may leave your flytrap outside if you want, it will still be dormant. I leave mine outside all the time, but i always water them.

Keep us posting here so we can help you with any of your Questions.

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make sure to trim off the Dead leaves and traps around the base of your plant.

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thanks for the advice xymox, im glad to know that others like you sucessfully grow vfts in southern california! i thought it was going to be quite a challenge due to the dry and hot weather. i will post here again when i have more questions...

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