ferndottar(z5 Mi)April 20, 2008

We had a wonderful time, as usual at the Garner plant swap. Thank you John, Rootdigger, Don and everyone who helped make it happen. It`s surprising year after year to keep finding wonderful things that we can`t live without!

See you in the Fall!

Bob and Dawn

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Thanks to everyone that attended. I thought with gas over $3 per gallon it might slow us down but we had the large crowd as usual. It was amazing to look up at the shelter when I finished loading my plants and see everything gone except for a small group of eater/gossip/swappers - and it was just 4 oclock!!! Seemed like a long afternoon of fun to me, where did the afternoon go.

Dawn and Bob - thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful Wasabi plant! I have proudly shown it off to everyone I can stop and brag about it to. My neighbors are all rolling their eyes while I describe in detail how I plan on opening up my own sushi restaurant with home grown organic wasabi! they endured my pineapple plantation, my papaya forest, and they're still waiting for the first pressing off of my tiny little olive tree (hey, it bloomed!!).... wasabi should be next in line. I can't wait.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Fun time as always! I always wish i had more time to get to meet the new faces and catch up with the perennials, but there's never enough. It's always nice to connect a few more faces to GW handles. :)

Somebody left their little blue & white cooler at the shelter and since we left last, we took it home. Please drop me a note if it's yours so we can figure out if you want it back now or in the fall. (i posted above about it, too). It had premade mac salad in it. Thanks! tam

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