Forget me nots

benflowerApril 2, 2009

Anybody know anything about forget-me-nots? I got a clump from a neighbor the other day and planted in my front border. This is an old plant that she got from her mother and said it spreads. I'm now wondering if it's invasive and I should move it to the back.

Any thoughts?


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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

i just love forget-me-nots especially when you plant both the blue and the pink. My experience is they are fussy about location, liking an adequate supply of moisture but good drainage too. Wish they would bloom all warm season but I never had trouble with them oenothera..that's a spreader to worry about.

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Speaking of oenothera, a friend gave me one in a little pot. I put it on the deck. She has one and asked me over last summer to watch it bloom when the moon came out. It literally opened before my eyes. Is this the same plant you are talking about? AND should I keep it in the pot and not plant it in the yard?

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I love forget-me-nots too. I agree with what Dottie said about moist but well-drained soil. I had some pink ones in PA that I started with seeds from a patch flowering by the side of a lake. Even in PA they kind of disappeared in the heat of summer. I have not been able to find the pink ones here but have tried the blue ones a couple of times. I've got sandy soil and can't seem to get them to last more than one season. The pink cultivar I had in PA seeded about a bit. Adele

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

No Ben, I'm talking primrose. I think you're referring to moonflower. They grow well here but the wet clay soil in winter rots the seeds so they need to be planted as seed annually...I dunno..late April early May. They want something easy to climb on like lattice. Try it again this year and if you get impatient waiting for a moonflower to open, wait til it loosens at the tip of the flower and then blow it open.(and inhale the perfume).

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Mine reseeded for 2 years and then inexplicably disappeared. I also recommend plain blue Brunnera, also called perenniel forget-me-not. It will come back as well as spread around by seed. It's very rugged, after established.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Some oenotheras bloom in the evening- evening primrose- that may be what ben is referring to. Do you know if the flowers are yellow? I don't think that they spread like the low growing types do. I have one kind that periodically reseeds itself around, gets tall and blooms during the day but doesn't spread underground like the low growing ones. It is a biennial, i think. Never paid that much attention- but it is an oenethera and a sundrop/primrose. If you snip the seeds off that type, you only get a few volunteers and they are very manageable and make good garden plants. The only downside is JB's love them. If you google image foliage for the moonflower and evening primrose you should be able to ID your plant very fast as they look nothing like each other.

I love myosotis! The annuals always poop out as soon as it gets warm but they are so cheerful until then. I have a perennial form that likes water- m. scorpoides- and it does bloom on & off all summer, given enough water. It can get downright invasive if it's a wet year. A dry year knocks it back to the fringes of the pond very fast though. If you look close at the racemes, they form a snail's shell spiral as they bloom- very interesting architecture.

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Thanks for your responses. Looks like I don't have to worry about spreading. I'll check out the moonflower thing. Thanks

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