getting rid of dis-colored old man cacti hair

Sab111July 25, 2014

I was checking out lowes and they had some nice old man cacti, however they have fake red flowers glued on them and the hair around the flowers is red, I assume getting rid of the fake flowers would be straight forward enough but what about the dis-colored hair? any one else run into this and find a solution? i got a small less abused one, but a bigger one would be nice

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It won't be a problem. I found that a couple of weeks in the sun and a few showers will take the problem away. I don't mind the flowers so much but I wish they wouldn't use half a stick of hot glue to each flower. just a little dab would do the trick and then flower removal wouldn't be major surgery.


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Thanks for the info. good to know its not permanently stained. luckily the flowers are glued mostly to the hair and not the main plant.

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