Berries - Will they grow in Clay Soil? Greenville area.

eldemilaApril 10, 2010

Okay, I admit it, I probably leaped before I looked. I bought some berry plants at Sams when I was up to close on our new (old) home last month without even knowing if they will grow in a yard with clay soil, where to plant, how to plant, etc etc.

Can anyone give me some advice? I'm leaving to go back tomorrow, plants are taking the road trip too, at least 7 ouy of 8 of them are, one was a dud, I don't think there was a plant in there to begin with. There's some blueberries (5) and a raspberry and I think a blackberry.

Can they be put in pots? If so, any good recommendations on where to get some cheap pots in Greenville area?


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Blueberry bushes need the same type of soil as azaleas. If you have clay soil, you should amend it and possibly plant them in mounds if your drainage is poor.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Yes, berries can grow in pots, but they will have to be pretty big. You can use those plastic tubs or storage containers after you drill drainage holes. Blackberries and raspberries won't have problems with clay, but the blues would benefit from adding some light stuff before you plant, and plant high, like torajima suggests.

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Thanks for the replies, but what's considered "light stuff" and what's amending soil? I can see, I have a LOT to learn!

Will check back on Monday, granted I find some open internet connection when I get up to SC.

Thanks again!

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tamelask(z8a NC)

compost compost compost! Homemade, landfill made or store bought. Some vole block/permatill wouldn't hurt, either. Amending the soil is mixing the compost & permatill into it. Start by searching the forums here and reading up- you'll learn a lot.

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Also, blueberries have very shallow roots - only about 6" deep. So you won't have to amend very deep. You could get away with a raised bed.

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Thanks for the reply.

Was at Ace yesterday and bought some potting mix, some garden helper, mushroom compost and few other things they had on sale - now I'll figure out how to use them, and wehn. Maybe Sunday I'll make an attempt to plant the berries, but first, I have to tackle the weeds. That's a whole other post!!!!

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Blueberries don't like mushroom compost. You might want to use black kow instead.

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Thanks for letting me know about the compost. I take it black kow is something like what I saw called Moo-nure, or something like that :)

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