What's the differece?

birdsnbloomsJuly 27, 2012

What's the difference between Crassula ovata and obliqua? Or are they the same?

I'm interesting in purchasing C. obliqua. Since I already have two variegated ovatas, don't want a third.

Thanks, Toni

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image search both of them

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FerocactusLatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)

C. obliqua is synonomous with C. ovata. I've also seen it classified as a subspecies of ovata. From what I can tell, the main difference is in the base and the overall shape of the leaf. Obliqua has a slanting (oblique) leaf base, whilst ovata has a rounded base. Other than that, there isn't a lot of superficial difference between the two.

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I can not tell the differences.

Here is a link that might be useful: obiqua

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Mr Like..before starting this thread, I Googled pictures of C. ovata and obliqua. Both looked similar.
That is the reason I posted on GW for help.

FL.. In some photos, obliqua looks slantier than ovata, but in others they look the same..lol.
Perhpahs those who posted pics on Google knew not what type they had, coining them the first variety that came to mind.
I noticed many Google pics are posted from various nurseries...you'd think they know which varieties they had for sale. :) Thanks.

Joli. Thanks for the link. I opened the page, browsed through pics. I also opened the same page 'from your link,' and typed in ovata in the search box. Attempted matching.

'Most' pics of obliqua have a slant where ovata doesn't, however, some leaves of this variety are round. lol.

Whether obliqua and ovata are synonomous is still an enigma.

Thanks, Toni

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FerocactusLatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)

My guess is "obliqua" is more likely a variety or subspecies of C. ovata. Or, it could actually be used synonomously. Of course, it would ultimately have to be confirmed genetically. However, that's a ton of work to clear up any confusion involving highly-specific classification!

If nothing else, I suppose the epithet "obliqua" can just be an adjective applied to particular specimens of C. ovata. It would sure be easier just to say, "Oh, look at that oblique C. ovata!" Well, maybe not. :)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yes, it is Crassula ovata subspecies obliqua.

Toni, here's a Thread that I posted a while back on my Crassula ovata ssp. obliqua:
Crassula ovata ssp. obliqua (re-potted)

As you can see, the leaf-shape is clearly different and a dead giveaway.
Also note the dramatically different color and texture of the skin of the trunk.
Third, the nodes have a tendency to be hairy. So, in short, Yes these Jades are
very distinct plants and unlikely to be confused with eachother.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Oops, sorry Toni, it seems you've already seen that Thread :-)
Well anyhow, a reminder for you of the differences between straight ovata and ovata ssp. obliqua.


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