Persian Lime Tree Yellowing and blooming at the wrong time

vikingboy2013January 2, 2013

I have two Persian lime trees planted in my garden in Aguascalientes, Mexico. I planted them back in March and had them bloom in the summer and had ripe fruit later in October. However it has gotten quite cool here with nighttime temperatures in the 40s and daytime temps. in the 60s and my lime trees have yellowing leaves which are constantly dropping off and one of them is actually blooming out of season. Could you help me troubleshoot what problem it is that my trees have and what I can do to repair them.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, without photos, it's hard to tell you what might exactly be going on. Are you fertilizing on a regular basis? How frequently and with what (NPK ratio and micronutrients)? Limes, like lemons, tend to flower off and on all year 'round. I wouldn't worry about the blooms, I have many citrus here that are also putting out some blooms right now, too. If you want to post up some photos, we can try to help you diagnose the yellowing leaves. It could just be a function of cooler temps, soil pH a little high, and thus the locking out of manganese and even iron, which can cause some winter chlorosis. Not uncommon in my neck of the woods (San Diego county, Calif.) And, lime trees are probably one of the most sensitive to cold temps (Persian is a bit less sensitive than the Key/Mexican Lime, though), so I'm guessing without photos to go by, that this might be your issue.

Patty S.

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Yellowing might be due to too much H2O or poor drainage. Also happens w/ not enough water. Are the leaves folding down the center like they're thirsty?

Not much you can do about the seasonal confusion. It's been a warm fall here in Houston. My blueberry bushes should be bright red now but I've got mostly green leaves, some red on once side, and some blossoms on the other. Same thing observed at the local nurseries. Most of the flower buds are dormant though. I'd just pick it off and focus on the yellowing. Best of luck. Pics would be best.

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I live in Ags too. I have heard here in México that is quite common for Persian lemon trees (or are they limes?) to have fruit all year long.

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