Pictures of my citrus finally!

meyermike_1micha(5)January 2, 2009

Just wanted to show my fellow friends some of my citrus trees. I have told a few I would post pictures as soon as I finally learn, and thanks to you all, I learned..Take care! These were taken last week.

You will see, Lemon Meyer, Grapefruit and others.


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Hey, Mike. Are the poncirus seeds sprouting? - Terry

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Correction, I do not know why the one on top my "Navel Orange" one posted, but that is an older picture. But the others underneath are all from last week... They have all been growing well in my plant room since I brought them in at end of summer.
I forget to name them.
The first one under the navel is my calamondin plant,second is the grapefruit, third down calamondin , and next Lemon Meyer, the bottom one I forget the name. If anyone wants to know I will find out. The fruit grows in the shape of a pear. Real cool.

Hi tsmith, what are poncirus seeds? Sorry,by the way I missed you..:-) Hope your doing well!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Very nice, Mike! Be sure to remove (or loosen) any tight tape, wires, or wraps before they begin to prevent the movement of phloem just under the bark.

Oops! I think I see spider mites in that second image! (Just kidding, tee hee!)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


AWESOME CITRUS!! You are really doing a superb job with your citrus!! I live in FL and I only have two potted citrus, LOL... Thanks for sharing...

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Aw thanks alot all...
I guess the work is well worth the return of good growing trees, and yes, even in winter way up here in the frigid
Oh ya, did you happen to notice the soil they are growing in? Thamks AL!
One person who has always asked me to post is toni....Where the heck are you toni??? I hope you see my plants before this post falls off the page! Thanks to your help to keeping them bug free, they enver looked so good!!!

Rhizzo........You had me in a state of PANIC for a sec!! lol.....
The litte white dust stuff you saw on some of the trees is actually pollen from all the flowers they had before the
Thanks too to for helping me get away from chemicals!! My plants are doing better without that stuff and so is my body!
You might find it amusing to read the post in the "Garden Clinic" post under....."Webs all over lawn"..LOl
Thanks everyone for the encouragement!
puglvr1, I would love to see the two potted ones you have in Florida...They mus be in heaven!!lol I would be if I was there now!
I also owe a BIG thanks to my friend who e-mailed me and taught me how to post pics this way...You are the best!
Take care all of you. God bless!!

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Oh God....Rhizzo even your on that thread , the web one!!Lol
I just noticed my friend!!! What is wrong with my memory ? It must be all pesticides I used in the past!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


Believe me, mine are nothing to write home about! We have this problem here in FL that affects "most" of the citrus here...Citrus Leaf Miner, almost all the citrus in my neighborhood has it, it must be contagious. It makes the trees very unattractive,luckily it doesn't affect the the abiliites to fruit. I have a potted Meyer lemon and a Kumquat. I have three or four neighbors that gives me all the oranges, lemons, grapefruit I can possibly eat and then some, LOL... That is the reason I only have two. I mostly grow Mangoes, Lychees and a Pineapple Guava. Those are very hard to come by in my neighborhood. Plus I LOVE mangoes...They are still young, less than two years old, but can't wait till I see and get some fruits from them...Unfortunately they are tropical fruits and I have to protect them from the occasional frost that we get...

Take care,

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Mike, wow, your citrus are absolutely gorgeous..!!!!
Leaves are so lush, green, and the fruit, gigantic..What size pots are they in?
I'm unsure what the last citrus might be a Bergamot orange or Pear Lemon. Whatever, it's really rare looking..
You've accomplished a lot Mike.

Is the orange tree yours too? The first picture? How many citrus do you have in all? Toni

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Mike, forgot to mention, Poncirus is rootstock. I guess Terry thought you had sowed Poncirus seeds..T

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

Wow Mike! Awesome plants! They look so healthy. It's so nice to have a bit of the tropics up north. (With this icestorm hitting- we need it!)

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Wow! Beautiful. How I wish I had a sunroom!

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Is the last pear-shaped one a Citrus ujukitsu?

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Great looking trees! Congrats to you!

Could the last pictured tree be a Bloomsweet Grapefruit?

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

so how did you post a pic in the post?
been trying to figure that one out myself...

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Lots of us must feel good about your success cause we hung in there with ya. Just so beautiful!

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Everyone here is much too kind!!! Thankyou!:-)
I have to give all the credit for sucess on the top picture to the SUN lots of it...
And the rest of these trees at my home, I have to give all the credit to all of you. Together, you all made it happen for me... and with your patients!!!Love you all!!!!

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Please sned me your e-mail and I can forward the instuctions a thoughtful member sent to me here to you. They are so easy..At least I thought so...:-)

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Oops one more thing...That is a Citrus ujukitsu, pdg77,
and I did get it at logees....They are so cool....

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Mike we love you, too..
You've come a long way...
I didn't know what to expect, but longgg ago, you said your plants were buggy, etc. Then you post pics and up pops beautiful, healthy, fruiting trees..Amazing!!
They look like they were recently shipped from Fl! :)

Dutchess..nice and your b/f did a great job over Christmas.
I have to ask..where did you find the sweet potato? Most store-bought SP's are sprayed with retardents. They no longer sprout..I tried a few, (didn't root)then read an article about this spray preventing SP's from rooting.

Also, what are your herbs and Marigolds planted in? They look to be potted in some type of netting and soil. Are they Peat Pots? Thanks, Toni

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Do you see the little white residue or specks on my trees?
That is garlic specs from YOUR spray and not MITES!!!!!!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Good job, Mike! In the thirst for knowledge, it's easy to drown in all the information. I think you were there for awhile - on information overload I mean, but it sure looks like you've found the right track! Strong work.

Suggestion while I'm here: It's time to get the branch extension on many of the trees under control by tip-pruning. At the same time, you can rid the trees of the crossing and inward-facing branches that will eventually spoil the appearance. Looks like the hard part - getting/keeping them healthy is behind you and you should have extra time on your hands for something easier - keeping them pretty, too. ;o)

Take care - good luck.


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Andrew Scott

Since you linked me here I will ask the questions here. Didn't you say that you now keep the navel orangw at home? Have you been able to have fruits that were just as sweet at home as the fruit you grew in those huge office windows?
I emailed Four Winds at least 5 times today. I should have waited until I thought of every possible question before emailing but too late now! Okay, I gave thema summary of my meyer and the women who emailed me was saying that having the soil dry out in 2-3 days was good. The one thing that really worried me was that she said that citrus will bloom and fruit like crazy if there is a root problem. My tree keeps on setting more and more buds. Should I be concerned? I did go to Home Depot and bought the plastic saucer for the bottom of the pot. I could not find the turface. I checked a farm supply store and no luck. I did find it at Agway but it was a 50 pound bag. They don't carry it in smaller amounts. I did find the bark at Home Depot but they didn't have the gravel or the sylicone sand. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place? Hmm this is frustrating. I found 10 pounds on ebay for $9.00 but the shipping was $15.00! OMG that is more than the turface! Is it a heavy product?? I think I asked you but what is the name of the store that you got yours at? I am kind of hoping that it may be a big chain and I could find it locally. I did find a 24 inch wide pot at Walmart for my Meyer. I would like to do that soon but I am getting worried about not having the turface for the mix and my Oro blanco will be here thursday! What should I do if I can't make the gritty mix. Any suggestions?
Thanks Mike,
Thanks for suggesting the Oro Blanco, can't wait!

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Al. My God, Thank you. Where was I when you wrote this last year?..:-)

Andrew, I have had that tree for quite awhile...It HAS givin me fruit,ripen, even in my home. It just takes a while..From flower to fruit ripened, I would say the ones in home took about a 1 and a half years..In front of those big windows, about 1...

I ran out of room and decided to stick a few of my favorites in as much SUN as possible for the winter..I place my lemon meyers and one of my "navels" at my new job now, in front of good windows.....The fruit will ripen, but take longer if in home. I have used lights previously, and still they ripen slower. But once outdoors, the full sun gets to work and ripens them up much better if the fruit is mature by summer. These fruit that were at work were mature by summers end and ripened in the winter last time..

You should give it a shot! Even if you don't do as well as I have, you are guarenteed to get tons of sweet fragrant flowers! I will take a recent pic of that tree up top tomorrow for you..::-)

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Andrew, emailed 4Winds, 5 hope you're emailing a patient

Why do you need all that stuff to repot your citrus?? Turface..What the heck is it? sounds like something used to make
Most hardware and pet stores sells bark, but try hardware stores stores are more $$$..a lot more..When I was looking for bark, and everyone was out, I stopped at PetsMart..25.00 for a 5lb it was treated..I passed.

Are you thinking of repotting your new citrus? Toni

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Some REALLY GREAT looking trees. I wish mine had the fruit on them that yours do.


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Andrew, Toni makes a great point!

Again I will tell you that what's works for my plants and for me may not work for you...Not only do I have great trees, but so does Toni, Pug, Rhizzo I think, tsmith, and many others..Not everyone uses what I use, and many here do..If you use a certain mix, that is "easier" to make, anyone who knows how to work with that type mix will help you for sure here.
I have known Toni herself for years, and her plants thrive in what she uses..I would stop stressing out and use a mix that works well and and that is easier to put together..Not everyone succeeds in finding the gritty mix, and personally, if I couldn't of found the exact ingredients I needed, then I would of moved on and used something else that works well.
That is why I threw in the fact that the top tree has peat in it..Just alot less than many here would use, and it works just as great for me and my plants.

If you saw our friends trees here, you would know what I mean..Relax and enjoy this beautiful tree. You still have time to make a great mix that works for you and that is best for your plants, since the real warm spring weather has not yet arrived..

I would not transplant that tree until you can keep it outdoors and it has adjusted for good..:-)

Many here, in particular Toni asks a lot of questions for a reason..She has a sincere desire to see what ever you use or make work well for you! her beautiful plants prove it..She has been there for me since I joined these threads, along with many others...That is why I thank everyone here for my success..:-)

If you can not possibly find the ingredients that you need to make the gritty mix, then there are many more options available for you, because you are at the right place..


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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Hi Mike,

Nice looking trees. What's the name of the first picture? Navel Orange?


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Andrew Scott

I emailed 4 Winds so much because I kept on coming up with diffrent questions and they were very prompt answering my emails in about 10 minutes or less. The turface helps with drainage and is actually used in Tennis Coarts. I found the bark at Home Depot for a reseaonable price. I have to pot the Oro Blanco from 4 Winds as it only comes bare root in the larger sizes. Thanks for all the help.
I just want to give the gritty mix a shot. I found turface and I really am not to stressed about it, i just get a lil worked up trying to get exactly what I want sometimes. I don't mind Toni's questions. I think it is great that she is trying to help me. As for the Meyer, I am planning on reptting sooner because there is hardly any soil at the bottom of the pot. I don't know if it washed out or if it is because the roots are so large. I can try and wait a few weeks longer but our temps are holding strong here. Last year I had my tropicals out the first week of April and I didn't have to move them in or protect them at all. Lake Erie offers great frost protection here. I love living close to the lake. Our temps here are normally 5-10 degrees warmer then the rest of the county!

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Andrew, I was thinking..

Look at how good that tree is or was doing in a soil mix, not the gritty mix..

You know why? It was probably use to being outdoors or in some greenhouse where it got tons and tons of light allowing to drink a lot..It was probably kept root bound as it grew, and the water was probably monitored on it, unless it was outdoors in a hot climate most times of the year..very very forgiving in a dirt mix. It could of been watering or transplanted quite often by ons who are experts at growing in the soil it was in..

You have people like Toni, and many others who are superb at growing in soilless or soil mixes that many fail in, like me..Different soils for different folks..But each one gets to know their mixes well, learns how to water correctly, and get's to know their plants needs..have you seen Toni's plants?
She uses sand where many fail..She knows her stuff and the secret to success and is willing to help. That is why I am so happy she is here..A stealth of info. I say that for many others on this site!

People like Pug, choose the gritty mix, because they can't afford to leave their plants out in the Florida rains in a heavy mix, and risk fear of root rot.

I myself, can't afford that risk either and choose to use a mix that outlast any other without having to have my plants get root bound to avoid rot..

We are all free to choose what we want to grow in, what works best for us, while at the same time, we need to consider what is best for our plants needs..Many of us have different opinions on this, but this I know..

What ever medium you decide to grow in, whether it be dirt, a soilless mix, or a gritty mix, marbles, pebbles, clay, whatever, each one here will help you be successful at what each one has been good at..

I am not good, and never will be at growing in a heavy peat mix. I can not control all the possible issues that come up with this type mix..I have tried over and over again, just to loose my plants to fungus gnats, root rot, disease, and ect...

My hats off to any one that can grow their plants awesome in any other than mixes than what I use..It is just that in my lifetime, many fail in these other mixes than what I use, including my whole family...Everyone in my area anyway..Therefore the reason why the local nursery owner is going to try using the gritty mix on his own He wants me to make him a huge batch. Say's he has failed every year at growing citrus in his home and is tired of the fungus gnats..He hates to keep them housed at the nursery!

It all depends on your cultural habits and environment in which your plants are subjected to..It also depends on how long you want your mix to hold up before it has a negative impact on growth, it's structure..

This is a great place to be when wanting to learn to grow in different methods, and the container forums is an awesome place to be to learn of different mediums, which best suits you and your plants.

If you choose the gritty, dirt, or soilless way, we are all here to help..:-)

Anyway, I was in a talkative mood. Just opening up..

Have a great day!!

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Good to see you..I just noticed your post..Thank you!

That is a "Washington Navel"..;-0)

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Are the last pics sanbokan lemons? Looks a lot like mine:

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Good to see you..I just noticed your post..Thank you!

That is a "Washington Navel"..;-0)

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yaslan(8 WA state)

I love all your citrus pics! Wow! I find it to be very inspiring and motivating. Thanks Mike!!


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Andrew Scott

Hello Everyone,
Sorry it took me so long with posting these pics but I could not find my battery charger. Well it has been about five months since I got this beautifull tree. I am constantly amazed at how this tree surprises me. Up to about 2 weeks ago, I had two crops of lemons on it. I was worried that I wasn't going to get any new branch growth but surprise, surprise! Not only did I get some new branch growth but I also got a bunch of flower buds and now they have opened and the tree has set more fruits! I really enjoy this lemon. Some people thought I was crazy to invest into such an expensive meyer lemon tree but I am glad I did. I now have around a hundred or so lemons on the tree.

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very very beautiful pictures. The meyer lemon is just great looking.

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Andrew..Look at all the fruit you have!!! What will you do with them. Amazing man!! I'll bet that is your favorite tree, next to the

Great job....Beautiful!

I will help you keep the fruit on by putting our heads together...I also have some e-mail catching up to


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Andrew!!!!! How are you?

I remember when you got your beautiful citrus tree..It's you recall the day you brought it home? lol. It has quite a few fruit, too..WOW.

The upper leaves are huge. That's terrific..It's getting enough sun.

I've slacked taking citrus pics, but I snapped one in June. This orange, 'can't recall the variety' was given to me from an online friend,9/2/07.
I don't know if she comes here anymore, but if you do, and you see this, Thanks Again.

Here's a couple pics..same tree, different views.

Andrew, have you added more since? Toni

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Hi Toni!!

It is GREAT to see you back! I love the pictures, well at least the thought that you posted some. I can't see them at home since I can not see them here at work..:-(

Missed you and please keep coming back..I sent you a message...

Remember when you suggested spraying plants with Fish Emulsion to dicourage scale? Well it works and thank you!!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice pics, Toni!


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