Overwintering fuschia

sautesmomNovember 7, 2009

I bought a hanging fuschia, and I've searched online about keeping it going for next year, but most advice seems to be for back east.

Does anyone on this forum overwinter fuschia, and any advice about the best way to do it?


Carla in Sac

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Hi Carla,
I don't post here often, however I do read a lot of CA posts..I am also from Sacramento,CA. I also have a fuschia, although it is not hanging. It is in a pot in the semi-shade under my brugmansia, which is a humongous plant for being in a pot right now. The fuschia is quite happy and has had a profuse amount of blooms, as well as the brug. They have both been blooming throughout the growing season. The fuschia is an 'upright' variety. This has been my third year overwintering it. They are both grown in dappled shade from my mimosa tree and have had the run-off from the air conditioner drip on them throughout the year. I only panic if it is going to be freezing on a particular night. I have gone to goodwill and purchased some sheets specifically for this occasion. If I have warning I throw the sheets over the brugmansia, and also the fuschia. Then I remove them the next day.I only mention this be cause I have 2 jobs and I am not as lucky to cover them both appropriately on occasion. Maybe I have been lucky and got a break here and there. Both are grown on a semi-protected porch at best. I would be happy to get together and trade cuttings of various plants,or seeds if you are interested sometime?

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My winter is not much different from yours and I also have a fuschia in a hanging basket. I move it under a pergola with a Clematis covering the top which seems to give it all the frost protection it needs. Al

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I be in the Bay Area. I have several. One is the main plant in one of them fake half barrels. Got 2 of F. Gartenmeister in smaller pots. All these are under a lath near the house all year round. No cold weather in the Winter has killed them yet.
Then I have 4 that are in hanging baskets. I have installed these inside and on the edges of the gazebo, which is under a giant monterey cypress. Again, I expect no cold problems due to the overhead protection of structure & tree. These even have some blooms right now.
I cut them back hard sometime in February and they jump right back into growth for Spring.

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