Holes in leaves and No flowers

NanSingle(9A-near Tampa, FL)September 10, 2011

Hi everyone, I'm new to Brugmansia and new to this forum. I planted 4 of these plants this year... 2 in the ground, and 2 in big plastic pots on the patio. All in the sun, with some relief in late afternoon. All are growing well, but I've had alot of problems lately with my leaves looking like swiss cheese. What causes this and how do I get rid of it? (I've seen a few green spiders on the leaves, but left them alone hoping they're eating the bad bugs). Also, my plants have not flowered. Not so much as one lousy bud. Lots of leaflets coming out along main stem, but they don't seem to be doing much. Any help would be appreciated.

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Well I'm having a lousy bloom summer too, so no advice there. The holes in the leaves, could be what's making holes in mine too. Little butterflies laying eggs which turn into little worms which eat the leaves to turn into little butterflies that lay eggs, and so on.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Welcome !!!!!
Have the Brugs you have made a Y at the top yet...As for the holes could be worms as Dianne mentioned or slugs??? Do you have any pic's??


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NanSingle(9A-near Tampa, FL)

Thanks for responding!! I think the leaf holes are from little black catapillers/worms (not sure what the difference is! LOL). Caught one munching on a leaf so squished him and fed him to my goldfish in the pond. They, unlike me, loved it!

And, no, no "Y" yet. Thought this would've happened much sooner. I live in central Florida, so growing season is longer, but I hope it's long enough to let me see a flower or two before everything either goes dormant or dies. Do these plants normally die back to the ground over winter?

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chena(z8 Texas)

That depends on your weather..If it gets below 36*ish they would need protection..
I am a Z8 soooo everything either comes in or gets cut back to about 8~10" and root cuttings.. They are hardy enough to come back here but take a long time to get to the blooming stage..
Glad you found the culprit!!!! Yummy Fish Food!!! ;0)


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NanSingle(9A-near Tampa, FL)

How do I root the cuttings?

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chena(z8 Texas)

I usually root mine in water ..Some are easier than others.. If you go down to the search box and put in Rooting Brug Cuttings there is LOTS of info to pick thru..All kinds of Different methods!!!


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