Rhombophyllum dolabriforme seed pods

hanzrobo(11)July 28, 2012

I'm rich! I have 2 of these in the same pot and have been pollenating diligently every day around 4pm when the flowers open up. The other plant has almost as many pods.

There should be thousands of seeds when it's done.

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Is it hard to grow?
Will you sale the seedling or just grow them for your on collection?
Do you have a lot of succulent & do you pollinate all of them?

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No, not hard to grow. I already have a good number of seedlings that I started last year from the same plant.
Yes, I do have lots of succulents... maybe too many! I've been pollinating all of my Mesembs and various other succulents (Aloe, Gasteria, Haworthia, Anacampseros) for the past year. You end up with a lot more seed than you can use.
I'll be starting about 100 fresh seeds from this plant in late August. The rest will go into storage with all the other seeds I've been collecting (about 40 types) .
Talking about selling things on this forum is a no-no. Anyone who wants to have an unrestricted conversation can contact me by private email.

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I know about the SPAM/sale thing, I was talking in general.
I sale thing too, but not over the net.

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paul_(z5 MI)

What a neat little plant! Is it related at all to Hoyas and such? The pods remind me of Hoya flower buds.

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Thanks Paul, it's one of my favorite plants. The leaves look like antlers.
It's in the family referred to as Mesembs for short or Aizoaceae if you want to get technical. It's related to Lithops, Conophytum, Faucaria, Pleiospilos, stuff like that.

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I wondered why you thought so, then I saw the five lines on the seed pods. Ah hah, the magic Asclep number.


I meant to say, it's plants like these funky caribou-horn-looking-things that make me want to have them as pets - as if we need more.

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