First time (struggling) Succulent grower

outspokenagainJuly 13, 2014

So I bought these succulents from a neighbor lady who had them in her garden and sells them because she grows so many. I bought three and put them in pots.

I didn't know much about succulents and drainage. These pots don't have holes in the bottom (I'm going to drill some soon) and don't have rocks or gravel at the bottom.

They're looking pretty sad, and I've tried to research if it's too much/too little sunlight/water. The leaves are very bleach/a light color and very wrinkly. The tips of the leaves are not however. It's all very conflicting and I was wondering if I could ask someone directly, it would be very helpful.

I also was wondering if I drill holes in the bottom of the cups, do I need to also put gravel/rocks at the bottom? Will it help or is it unnecessary?

Thank you for all your input in advance.

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A gritty mix is best for succulents. Regular potting mix holds to much water for them. (Trust me I found out the hard way with my first jade plant) are you keeping them inside or out? Mine are indoor plants but they are put outside a few hours each day. When inside they are in a big bay window that receives bright light all day. Were they kept outside at your neighbors? If not I would get them acclimated to bright light first if they weren't kept outside to begin with. You need to put drainage holes in the pots ASAP. succulents don't like to be wet they need good drainage because they can get root rot rather quickly if kept in pots with NO drainage and water rententive soil. I've just started using Al's gritty mix, my succulents love it. You can search for the recipe in the tool bar. It is VERY informing. I'm sure someone else will comment and offer more advice I'm still new at this myself and I'm sure they can explain everything better. Hope this helps you :) also if you're not going to switch to a gritty mix (which honestly they like better) you should wait till the soil dries out befor watering again. Good luck !! :)

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

These appear to be Sempervivum. Most people grow these outside in rock gardens, etc.

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