Dioscorea macrostachya- Leafless vine

bajablueJuly 22, 2014

Hi all!

I was gifted a large, dormant Dioscorea macrostachya 6 weeks ago.

I placed the corky caudex under the filtered sun of a palm frond. It started growing a vine within a week and it's now 6-7 feet long. The vine gets full Southern exposure. It's growing well but, it's LEAFLESS.

I'm on the West coast with temps and sun similar to San Diego, but without the marine layer/fog.

I only use Super-Thrive vitamins, diluted in half, when I water it.

Advice on how to promote those gorgeous heart-shaped leaves would be appreciated!

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Hang in there. It will start producing leaves on the tip end of the vine. At least that is the way mine(3) do.

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Thanks Bobby! In the absence of a magic wand, I suppose I'll just need to be patient. ;-)

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