My Taste Winners for 2013.

tantanman(z9Tx)January 8, 2014

Well I tried to get on Patty's thread and post a reply but it won't let me get to the end.

This was the worst year I have had for citrus in many years.

If I really had to name a couple they would be Monreal Clementine and Golden GF. I have couple of trees grafted from what supposed to be a Tonkan seedling, that were very good. (I actually think this selection is a Dancy hybrid) My Chandler pomelo was good for the first time and gave some giant sized juicy fruit.

The biggest disappointments for me were my Page trees. Just when I was convinced Page was completely bullet proof, all three failed me. Less than 60 fruit all totaled. And some of them were of poor quality, another first. This was from nine year old trees. I guess I'm lucky I have them, with my soil and water, and the bad drought in 2011.

My two satsumas, Kimbrough and Brown's Select are so late, I have only harvested about 20%. Lateness is the problem with all. I had almost no blooms in March, and many in May. Usually, I get a few blooms in February and they finish in April. Last spring, there were never enough blooms to make the yard fragrant. Too cold and late.


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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

I had problems like that before. in my case I couldn't check the replies box

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