And I thought this would be a good year :(

karyn1(7a)September 2, 2010

At the beginning of this growing season I was thinking that this was going to be a great year for my brugs. I was getting blooms earlier then ever. Well that stopped pretty quick. I think it's just been too damn hot and more buds are dropping then are holding. A couple have been holding buds well and putting on good flushes. Interestingly it's the Frosty Pink and Emerald Frost which I think is a sport of FP. I was hoping it would cool down already but today it was 96 at noon.

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So sorry you're having a bad year for your brugs. Maybe they'll pick up when it cools down.
Best wishes for a better year filled with wonderful blooms!

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I hear ya Karyn, I had the same high hopes, I have had a
handful of brugs that are blooming despite the heat.
Miss B`Havin, Tiara, Misty Morning and MEM, I have alot of
buds on others keeping my hopes up that they will bloom
before it cools off to much!
I hope you get some blooms there too.

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threas(z7 PA)

Sorry it's not turning out good for you. I think it's a pretty good year for me. The broadmites have been terrible, but the fact that I have more garden space to plant in the ground helps. They've gotten the biggest they ever have.


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The plants themselves are bigger then ever but the buds keep dropping. Most are dropping while they are tiny but more then a few drop just prior to opening. Another problem is the bugs. The caterpillars are almost skeletonizing some and the stinkbugs are just gross. If it would just cool down I think it would make a world of difference.

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Karyn so sorry to hear that, but in my experience, even if its hot, once the plant are not in direct sunlight they should be okish.
Its always super hot here in the caribbean and mountain magic puts up sooo well it hold blooms in partial shade.

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I feel for you, I had a nice Bud on NN, well the next day it was on the ground, the cats have done a number on mine also, I just hope for your sake the upcoming forecast is it's suppose too be 78 or 79 degrees for the next 3 days, I hope your Buds hold,

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Siam not here. Once aclimated the exposure doesn't really make a difference with many, if not most, of my brugs. With temps near or above 100 since late May and the high humidity I have a lot of plants that are dropping buds, not just brugs. The forecast is calling for lower temps and humidity over the weekend. I'll believe it when I feel it! lol

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marquest(z5 PA)


I am sorry you are having a hard time but I am happy you posted this subject. I have only had blooms on one as a matter of fact I had 3 flushes on the one since May. But the poor thing looks like it is dying.

I have been picking 10 worms per plant each day. They all look like Swiss Cheese sick looking plants. I have 8 brugs and thought I would have a good year because they are now a couple years old but this heat and worms and every bug in the world came down on my plants.

The only thing that looked good on my patio this year were the Cannas.

We cooled down last night but it is really too late to make a difference they look so bad I have to wish for a better Summer next year.

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It's beginning to cool here and I have those worms too, but only a few that I can pick off. A 1' tall cutting of a friend's white has Y'd and you never know I might get a bloom this year. Other than that it's been the two pinks, no other colors. Starting to get discouraged about growing these guys.

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Last year was just too persistently cold/wet. Things here in SE MN took off like crazy and with watering I thought I had taken good care of everything. But, plants are making Y after Y and just now beginning to make tiny buds on some..not all.
Thank goodness for reliable old White Sauvolens...not on flush #3. Ollie is new to me this year but just now coming to the end of a looong 2nd flush. Xena (also new to me) has flushed twice and is definitely a keeper.
My little santa Rosa cutting produced a plant which is a good 12' tall requirng 'guidewires' to prevent it from tipping (next year it goes in a half barrel against a lattice fence for more mass) and has given its 1st blossom but guess I'm not gonna get to check the scent way up there - LOL.
Oh, Cupid's Blush (new to this year) has also flushed twice...I think its greatest attaction for me is how it neatly folds up every day.
I've actually gotten out to take pix this year though i cant seem to emulate the quality so many others have posted.
I'm putting them on the computer and will share this winter tto keep us all warm (once I figure out how to postem)
Hope everybody gets flowers on all their plants before the end of the season.

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I am kinda with you on this one too Karyn. I was let down this year as well. Last year once my Grimaldi started blooming it did not stop til almost Xmas and it was inside by then. This year this plant was blooming by June 4th and I was hoping for the same type of results. But after this first flush I did not see anymore buds form. Well it is now Sept and I just finished the 2nd flush on this plant and now it is continuing to produce. I will just wait and see how much longer this plant pushes out buds.

On another note though... I have 2 others that just started blooming. Jean Fasco and Versicolor Apricot...

Out of all 3 of my current bloomers the Grimaldi smells the best.

Also all 3 of these bloomers have different bud shapes which I find interesting. The Versicolor has this long pointy buds before they open. The Jean Fasco has short, fat puffy buds prior to opening. And the Grimaldi's buds seem to be right in between these others when it comes to shape and size.

Anyway lets try to salvage our remaining time this season and enjoy the cool autumn air coming our way for the next few days.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I have three brugs and each is at a different stage. The one in the pot, Frosty Pink, has bloomed three times. Not sure what one considers a flush, had four to six blooms each time. The second time winds blew away some of the buds. This plant has a 4ft stem from last year with a small amount of new growth at the top forming ys and blooms.

Two are planted in the ground with the shorter one, Southern Belle, about 3 feet tall, full of buds. The other, Pink Beauty', about 5' tall, has lots of ys but no buds yet. I've had to stake this one after some very strong winds.

Last year they bloomed through late September into October.

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