Schizobasis intricata question

PlatySnakeJuly 19, 2013

I recently picked up a 2" pot with two caudexs (Schizobasis intricata) at a local store (originally from Fleetfoot & Foulweather) and noticed it had some small sprouts coming out of the gravel. As I was up-potting it, I carefully removed and set aside the small sprouted seeds from around the base. There were about 14 of them. I know they're slow growing. What would be the best way to try and keep these little seedlings alive and growing? So far I've just placed them on top of some dryish gritty cactus mix and set the pot away from direct sunlight.

Attached picture is the current placement of the sprouted seeds.

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Seeing a post on FB about this plant written by my good friend Mark Fryer, I found it too coincidental to not quote, but you might contact him there if you get no answers here.

'Schizobasis intricata is an interesting little bulb from Africa, there is some debate over varieties in the usually thought of monotypic genus. Its natural range is from Ethiopia in the north to South Africa, and this particular clone is self-fertile, although the seeds don't always germinate. Once the bulbs are sizable enough, they'll take an amazing amount of neglect and torture, a sizable specimen can be quite interesting. Not something that's grown for its flowers, but here's an attempt at a closeup anyway.'

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I have grown Schizobasis for almost 15 years. They seed themselves all over and are very durable plants and I have yet to kill one other than pulling them out and throwing them into the compost bin. I would make sure you water those very well while they are small.

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