New to NC and have questions about herb growing

natureperson(7)April 5, 2009

Hi, I'm new to NC and also new to growing herbs. I would like to grow about 3 herbs on my deck in containers. Can you tell me what herbs you recommend? And also have you grown them altogether in one large terra cotta pot? When is the right time to start this?

Thank you.

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I've grown Lavender, Thyme, Oregano, and Rosemary in pots. Most of it died this winter (we had an unusually cold, wet winter). Just make sure you use a fast draining mix and you should be okay.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Depends on what conditions your deck has- can you fill us in? Some herbs appreciate a cooler, more moist and partly shady area come summer (mint, cilantro, parsley, etc), while most need hot blazing sun with very well drained conditions. The 4 you mentioned are in the latter category. You wouldn't want to mix the types, and you'd need to have the right kind for your conditions. If you want to branch away from culinary herbs, there are many, many more options, too.

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I grew herbs in containers last year. I grew Thyme, Greek Oregano, Italian Parsley, Basil and Sage. The basil did not come back, which I fully expected. I thought the Parsley would overwinter, but it did not. Everything else is doing famously well. I say go for it. I watered them every other day, and they just let me harvest them all summer, fall, winter and now into spring. I took a few books out of the library, to get me started. But they were very carefree and I'm thrilled I did it. I'll plant more basil this year and more parsley and I'll do Rosemary as well.

HTH :)

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computergardener(z7 NC)

I would recommend Basil, Thyme, and Chives. I seem to use these the most to cook with based on recipes. My recommendation, go to Wal-Mart and get (3) 1 gallon pots and a enough potting soil to fill them.

Once you start growing and using herbs you will want lots. The (3) large pots ensures your herbs will have plenty of room to grow.

By the way, you can pick up the herbs there also.

Best of luck.. John

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Just wanted to add my vote for basil, as I've always had an easy time growing it and have used it more than any other. The leaves are great even to add a little flavor to a regular salad. And of course any red sauce or pasta dish.

A big pot is fine, but pinch back before any flowers bloom in mid-summer. Can get top heavy - you can also stake them.

Rosemary, sage and thyme, as well as oregano are also my most-used and come back every year (when planted in the ground). Rosemary, actually, doesn't seem to be very dormant even in the dead winter, and has tripled/quadrupled in size in just three years. I've also grown them in pots before and they did fine. I might suggest separate pots, unless your single pot is rather large.

Now that we're almost halfway into April, you should be okay if you plant now. I put basil in the ground two weeks ago and it got a little bitten by the frost last week. Am hoping it isn't completely dead - it looks iffy. Luckily with pots you can always bring them in.

Good Luck and welcome to NC! Jenni...Raleigh

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