Hummingbirds are back!

dyhgarden(7b)April 12, 2009

I saw my first hummingbird this morning! It came back again this afternoon. We put two feeders up several weeks ago when we took down the birdseed feeders. After this morning's sighting, my husband put up the window feeder and that's where I saw the hummer late this afternoon. In the shadows, I couldn't tell if it is a male or female. I already have a hanging basket of begonias and a planter of impatiens near the feeders, too.


Chapel Hill

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Mine have been back for a couple of days now, saw the first one on Thursday. Both yesterday and today, I've had frequent visitors including 2 males at once. I got two small ones up now and plenty of other small ones to help out as more birds come in. I've got to get my big one out, my Hummingbird Happy Hour bar! DH made one for me last fall late, (haven't had a chance to use it till this year) with a half gallon bottle for nectar and with 24 feeding seats. I'm excited, hope we have as many this year as last!!

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I just got "my" male back yesterday as well...always a thrill! He looks gorgeous already with full plumage, so I'm sure he'll soon be...ahem...busy. My native honeysuckles are about to literally explode with blooms...there has to be hundreds of bud clusters on each! That and five feeders should make this a happening hummer haven. =)

Nannerbelle, please post pics of that feeder when the hummers are back in force! It sounds fantastic! And Cameron, I'm doing an informal survey of hummer use of vitex this year...I know you have a couple of them, so maybe you'd keep an eye out to see if they use them at all?

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mbuckmaster -- last year, they did use the vitex, but not as frequently as the salvia and buddleia. My largest vitex is only about 10 feet away from one of the hummingbird feeders.

I'll watch this year, too.

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Thanks for the heads up, Cameron. Usually, I have the hummer feeders (complete w/red ribbons) out way too early - this year I dropped the ball and appreciate your post reminder. The nectar is brewing!

On a continuing bird note ...... this morning I noticed an injured dove wending her way thru my back courtyard, coming to rest near the gate. Knowing that my pup would sniff her out fast and consider her a play-toy, I re-located the injured dove to just outside the gate in a soft bed of vinca (dog free zone).

Just checked, and she's gone - apparently she recovered and I'm soooo glad I found her first and let her heal out of harm's way. I'm really a softie for my birds - last year doves built a nest atop my fence, but feet from the most used door, and raised two broods. Hope they do it again this year!

Spring is so intoxicating! :o)

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I sure will mbuckmaster, I'm quite proud of the job he did on it!! I saw the design on the Hummingbird forum last year and loved it. So I took that gentleman's design and we worked it over a bit (DH is an engineer) and it came out wonderful!!

zigzag, I'm right here with you on loving the birds! I too love to watch them and have tons of them around here. We have some beautiful little yellow and black finch type birds, the color is brilliant. And a good many bluebirds which I never saw before a few years ago. I remember as a child my grandmother getting so excited over a bluebird passing thru the yard. She told me about them almost being extinct due to a late spring snow and hard freeze. Good thing you helped the little dove stay out of the puppy path. I have retrievers and know how curious they can be!!

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This morning, two males and one female appeared together (3 feeders plus a planter and hanging basket close enough to get the count).

One male has decided that a wayward branch of Lady Banks Rose that comes around the house corner is the perfect perch to sit beneath the hanging basket and stake out the territory! :-)

I got one photo that isn't a complete blur! I even had my tripod set up, but they are a moving target, it was raining and I was shooting through the window.

Cameron From my blog

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