Wild strawberries-- safe to eat?

deirdre_2007(7)April 26, 2011

I never planted them, but all around my yard, and I mean all around it, we have strawberries growing. They have the red fruit and everything. I wouldn't let my kids eat them because I didn't grow them. Am I being overly protective? I do have a compost pile and birds could have dropped the seeds. What do ya'll think? Two hungry mouths await your response!!

Thank you.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

they are fine. True wild strawberries are very soft but delicious. There's a lookalike (waldstonia) that's related and is firmer but has no taste at all. My kids ate enough of them i can definitely say they are just fine. Real strawberries have white blooms, the fake ones have yellow blooms.

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Thanks Tammy. I never saw the blossoms, only the resulting berries. I guess we'll know when we eat them!!!

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True wild strawberries are pretty uncommon - haven't seen a patch of them in over 40 years. Never seen Waldsteinia in the flesh, but grew up with 'Indian strawberry', Duchesnia indica, growing throughout my backyard; small yellow flowers followed by little red strawberry-looking fruits with no appreciable flavor - we called 'em 'snakeberries'.
Bet that's what you've got.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Indian Strawberry' - Duchesnia indica

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