Sparaxis elegans...where/when to buy?

datura222November 1, 2012

Does anyone have experience with this plant? Is it as drought tolerant as I am reading?

I just moved to California, so I am not sure where to locate this plant and when it could become available as it is a summer flowering bulb it seems.

Thanks :)

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I purchased them at armstrong's and plant depot. They seem to be hardy and they do multiply, but are apparently tasty to some animals. If you plant now they will sprout and bloom in spring. Good luck.

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My sister has Sparaxis that blooms every year. She got some bulbs at the 99 cent store. If you think those might be a bit risky, most garden stores have them.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

They are very easy to grow in the garden, and will survive on rainfall alone if planted in the fall, but will also tolerate summer irrigation without rotting out the bulbs if the drainage is very good, like on a raised mound. Also good in containers. Bulb catalogs list these, but in nurseries they are generally only available retail in late summer/early fall, which is the time to buy most spring blooming bulbs in general. you might sometimes come across live plants in bloom at nurseries in the spring. If you have neighbors/friends with these in the garden, the flowering stems form little bulbils that can be harvested after the foliage dries off, and these will easily grow and bloom within two years, without having to disturb the existing bulbs.

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