Best quality eating orange for AZ?

Desert_HeatJanuary 22, 2006

My understanding is that the Washington Navel is not the best choice for the area. Of all the AZ Sweets Diller, Hamlin, Marrs which produces the best quality eating orange? I have heard Trovita also does well here. I really enjoy the flavor of Cara Cara navels but have not read if they are suitable for the Phoenix area.

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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)

Cara Cara is a sport of Washington and so I would not expect that it would do much if any better in the high heat.

Trovita, thought to be a chance seedling of Washington and without a navel, is known for it's wider climate adaptability, especially desert areas. It is known to fruit heavily in Arizona and California deserts. Excellent flavor.

Shamouti may also be worth trying. It is a very important commercial variety in europe. It originated in Israel.

Of the Arizona Sweets that you mentioned, Marrs would be my choice, but I think you would be happier with one of the above.

Diller may be your best choice if you are after a juice orange.

If you have a blood orange in mind, Sanguinelli or Moro are the most likely to tolerate your heat.

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The best orange tree to grow, in my opinion, is one that's called " TEMPLE ORANGE." It's tart when you bite into the section and turns to one of the most pleasent and sweetest flavors that you have ever tasted. I have 4 " Temple " tree's out in my yard, as well as the Moro, the Navel, Valencia and afew other's that I can't even remember what they are but the " TEMPLE " is my favorite. If you feed it right, the outer skin gets a pretty red blush to it and the inside coloring gets to be a brilliant orange. For juice, you CAN NOT BEAT IT. For eating out of hand, it peels easily but it does have one draw back and that is, that it has one or two seeds per section and that's why I call it [ YARD FOOD ]. Meaning, that while I'm walking around the yard, I spit the seeds. HA. If I had to give up all of my trees but one, you can believe me when I say, that I would keep one of the " TEMPLE'S " Whatever you plant, ENJOY.

just a thought


P.S. I also live out in the desert.

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Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I don't believe I have ever seen a Temple orange tree in a nursery. It sounds like a nice variety though. I am waiting a few more weeks for the new stock of AZ grown trees to arrive at a local nursery before making my final choice. I either want a tangerine or an eating orange. I currently have Marsh Grapefruit and a Minneola tangelo trees.I barely have room for another tree. I would prefer to have a dwarf tree but my understanding is the rootstock isn't great for our alkaline soil that is full of caliche. I have seen a lot of dwarf trees with the flying dragon rootstock at nurseries though.

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Temple is often planted as a pollinator for minneola tangelo. I also think it is one of the best eating "oranges." It is not often seen in the grocery. I used to eat them when I lived in the Indian River Florida area. I'd grow it here in z9a, but it is not one of the more cold hardy citrus.

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