Question About Planting Potted Clematis

alameda/zone 8January 18, 2013

I bought alot of clematis last fall from reputable nurseries online. I potted them up and the plants are doing well. I am wondering if I should plant them out this year or continue to grow them in pots. I really would prefer to plant them in the ground to get them growing where they will be permanently, but not sure what to do. If I should plant them, when should I do it? They are dormant now....we will have about another month, month and a half of winter weather, then it starts warming up and becomes spring. I noticed most all of them have bud leaves that have formed so assume they are growing well.

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I plant whenever the ground isn't frozen, though I tend to avoid July and August when it can be really hot and dry. Mine have done well planted in the fall and also have done well planted in the spring as soon as the ground was dry enough to work, the earlier the better so that they have a chance to settle in prior to summer's heat. After I plant I mulch to keep moisture more even.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I would plant them out this spring if they have filled the pots with roots, cut the vines back hard when you do so.

It is only tiny baby mail order plants that do a lot better for most in pots, and that is only necessary for a few months until they grow bigger.

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