Fred Ives. Need some pointers...

AstridFarnsworthJuly 25, 2014

Hi! :) So I bought a Fred Ives last month... It's one large mother plant with two smaller ones, and a few pups at the bottom. I transferred it to a bigger (terra-cotta) pot a few days later, with well draining organic cacti/succulent soil. I watered it once about a week ago, and again just now because the soil felt pretty dry. But after I watered I was looking a few things up, and discovered it's a summer dormancy plant. So I should water it much less frequently, right?

It seemed fine a few days ago, but a few of the lower leaves (on each one, aside from the pups) have changed an orange-yellow color and a tinge translucent. I think this is normal for growth, but if it's supposed to be dormant - why so much all of a sudden? Is it because maybe I've watered too much? :(

It's an indoor plant and it's mostly 70-80 in here, but it gets a little sunlight by the window when the sun hits it for an hour or so. It's been very overcast the last few days though...

I could really use some advice. I've been googling about the plant for almost an hour now, and I can't seem to find answers. Maybe I'm just missing it, but I thought I would try here.

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I don't know much about that specific plant, but I can tell you that the soil is going to be a problem. This topic comes up pretty much daily, sometimes more. Bagged soil is almost always peat moss based, and the "cactus & succulent" mix is the same thing, with sand in it. Being organic, it will decompose, and turn into a sort of muck, which will promote root rot due to lack of drainage and lack of air to the root zone. Organic soil is only well drained for a short time, and progressively gets worse over time. Search this forum and gather information on "gritty mix".


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Here Fred grows in summer. Mine just finished blooming. What he likes is mild temperatures. They are opportunistic rather than summer dormant. What Fred likes is mild--not too hot, not too cold. 60s-70s F he is happy and growing at any time of year. If you are comfortable in the weather, Fred is comfortable. If you have high humidity be careful not to over water--with high humidity very little water would be needed. Outside for the summer in a few hours of early morning sun then in shade would be good for him. Under the eaves so he doesn't get rained on, if you get rain in the summer. If your tap water is alkaline, water with rainwater, when you water.

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My experiences with this plant are limited to outdoors... never had this one inside... but I can say from growing this in several climates and under various conditions, this is one of the most adaptable plants I have ever grown.. grows here in the desert with days over 100 in full sun.. .grew at the coast with times rarely over 60, grows in shade, grows in drought, grows in mud or constant moisture... never seen this plant go through a dormant period... always growing... prolific beyond belief. Any part of the plant can be propagated for new plants... and looks good under almost every condition... one of my favorite succulents.

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Easy to grow for me, but looks like it needs lots of light...In my zone, that's bit of a problem in cold weather. It grows really tall. Had to do some head-chopping recently...otherwise, very nice, easy plant.
(Sorry, don't have pics handy).


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