potted bell peppers plants

vegegurlNovember 3, 2008

In May 2008 I planted red bell pepper seeds from a fresh red pepper. I now have 3 individual potted pepper plants (apx 15" eac). There are about 5-6 rather small peppers amongst the 3 plants, plus many tiny peppers and many flowering buds (Ok..I'm a novice, first pepper plant. They are sooo cute and I am so excited to watch them grow). Now the temperature is cooling 45-50 degrees at night...65-70 during the day. What should my next step be? Can I cover them with plastic with holes punched for the peppers to breathe, place them in my garage. I have no clue. I just hope I can save these peppers. I enjoy watching them grow from me planting the seeds. Thank you :)

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CA Kate

Peppers need a lot of heat to produce fruit. If your temps are that cold you just might need to toss them and plant some more next year..... I have 12 pots of peppers in all sizes. I started pickling some -- out of desperation for what to do with all the little ones. ;-D

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What if you started bringing them in at night? Wouldn't that buy some time until they're bigger?

I've had good luck overwintering peppers in my garden.

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