need ID help please

msjay2u(7)April 5, 2013

Hello all,
I have not been here in quite a while but I just did a search on my name and I think I have planted everything suggested to me except the Abelia Grandiflora and thats only because I can't find it. I have also been seeing things growing in my woodline that when I see in bloom I tie a ribbon around and then I transplant it in the fall. This has worked very well for me. I have been in my home for 6 years now and gardening on a 1.25 acre lot is a real process, time consuiming, labor intensive and expensive as heck! and as a side not I am kind of lazy so it is taking a long time to get this thing going.

I have a couple of questions that I hope you guys can help me out with...
1- I found this little gem in my wood line and I was wondering what it is...does anyone know? I am hoping it is not a weed, not invasive and if planted in a more suitable spot is going to be glorious LOL

Next question
2- I have 6 very small pecan trees in my yard. I mistakenly thought they were some type of fruit tree but I had a landscaper tell me that they are actually pecan trees. I do not under any circumstances want them in my yard so I was thinking of getting rid of them. The are only about 6" diameter so if I cut them down how would you suggest I proceed after that so they do not grow back?

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog...I am a busy lady LOL

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kal2769(Zone 8)

Hi Ms Jay,
That little gem of yours is Chaenomeles sp., a flowering quince, a very desirable deciduous, (looses its leaves,) shrub in the Rosaceae, or rose, family. Full sun and plenty of air circulation is best. It only blooms in the early Spring, so you can look forward to it the rest of the year. It's good food for early pollinators, too. And it's good for pruning into desirous shapes.

As for your pecans, I do not think they are too likely to resprout, but I will let a more seasoned person give a definitive answer as to that.

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I just looked it up and you hit it on the head! It is very pretty. I would have sworn it also gets white flowers on it but probably not. Thank you!

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

Are you sure they are pecans? Pecans aren't native here, but are planted. Unless you have a pecan tree near you they are most likely hickory trees. Just keep mowing them down and or picking up the hickory nuts and you should be good. Hickories tend to sprout from stump/root sprouts especially if one of a larger size is cut down.

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There are some Flowering Quince bushes that have random white, pink and red flowers - all on the same branch and some that some years bloom one color and other years are mixed (I think its the same variety and it is just a coincidence that all the flowers are one color rather than a mixture).

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jq they were planted by the previous owner. He had some in the back and one large one by the house that was taken down before I got here and I finally got rid of the stump. They are not small enough to mow down, I only wish!! I been here for 6 years. I have not seen a nut on them yet. I am not looking forward to nut trees wither...although I do love pecan pie. LOL

Triangle John I am going to move it to another spot and perhaps I can get to see it in tricolor. That is probably really pretty

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