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emee(7)July 14, 2014

I bought a grow light to use when weather is cloudy here which is often. When I turned the light on it is a pink light which I hate. Do you think these pink grow lights are helpful for succulents? thanks.

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Again, some pictures would help us to determine. I use this grow light lamp that fits nicely on my window sill, and I rotate my plants so they all get a bit of help from the lamp when they don't get enough sun. Link below

Here is a link that might be useful: desktop plant light

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A pink light? Sounds like you have a bad ballast lighting a warm yellow light. That spectrum will not be very beneficial to any plants. What you want is the "blue" growth lights which rate at 6500-6700 Kelvin. These are cooler burning as well but put out more lumens. A proper lumen rating and since from your plants is what you'll have to research further since I only grow tropicals under artificial lighting.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

It sounds like you might have an led light. These oftentimes have red and blue diodes because these colors are the most efficient portion of the photosynthetic spectrum. Red and blue create a magenta colored light when combined. Although they are more efficient than white lights, you can still get white leds that are very good at growing plants, and much more pleasing to the eye if that's important to you.

As for whether they're any good, or not, that depends entirely on the specific light you have. Anything is better than nothing, but the wattage specification will give a general idea of how useful the fixture is.


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Oh, LED. Could well be. In that case I have no idea how well it would work.

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Thanks everyone!

DavidL I've been using 2 lamps similar to the one you referred to, which I like. I think this pink is being returned.

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