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emee(7)July 22, 2014

Do any of you use a moisture meter? I'm not sure I trust mine. I purchased a few new succulents 10 days ago which had been watered when I got them. I have not watered them since. I repotted them & one has already rotted & fell over. Obviously from someone watering too much. Some of the others leaves are looking yellow.

All the plants I've lost, appear to have been from overwatering in spite of how dry the soil felt, or the moisture reading at the time of watering. I am getting afraid to water them at all. Is there a fail proof test to know if it's time to water? Thanks.

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No meter use here, plants benifit from people researching to know more about a plants growth period growing stage is when they would need more watering and less watering if any when not in growth periods.

This time of the year for my few aloes I can if i wanted to water them daily and use a gallon of water for each of the four inch pots when watering, if hot enough all day long I usually do and will water them in the cooler evening.

Mentioning this because the off coloring you discribed, ( not always) could indicate a soil that doesn't drain as well as it should.

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