Strange leaf problem on meyer lemon

dirtslinger2(6)February 16, 2011

I'm asking this for friends, hopefully I can explain clearly enough.

They have a small meyer in a 2 gallon pot grown as a house plant- south facing with good direct light.

There are a few "old" leaves that look ok, but the issue is all new leaves that sprout immediately fall off while still tiny.

If you simply touch them they drop, while still green.

There are no aphids, spider mites or scale. Not sure what else it could be. They fert'd with high acid fert last summer which didn't help so they decided to lay of fert until required. No flower buds.

I couldn't see anything wrong with their practices. Do you? Thanks!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

sounds to me like "leaf drop" all though in my experience if it happens all leaves not just the new ones can drop. Tell them to be sure the soil temperature stays above 55 degrees so that the roots stay active enough to help cool the leaves. The sun is quite powerful through glass and can really heat up the leaf surface. There is some debate on what the minimum temperature is to keep the roots at, but that is what I have researched and works for me.


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It definitely has not affected old leaves like the leaf drop you menioned- it's just like the tiny unrolling leaf buds are dropping.

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It sounds like it may possibly be a response to a lack of water. If the soil goes dry when news shoots are starting, I have seen my citrus trees shed these growing shoots. If the plant is in a dry environment (for example, if it is in a centrally heated house, especially forced hot air), the effect of any lack of soil moisture will be magnified.

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