Citrus Flowers, No Fruits

dandirt(z8b MS)February 9, 2011

My Tangerine, Orange, Sansma and Lime trees are not producing fruit but I have had flowering. The last buds were lost during the summer heat wave. My Lime tree in particular produces a lot of flowers, 25 plus, but no fruits yet. All the trees are five years old.

I've considered amending the soil around each tree. Note: Location has good sunlight, drainage, soil and fertilization. Any suggestions??? My Lemon and Kumquat perform well. I picked over 80 Kumquat last year. Too, I had 13 lemons before the extreme heat.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

citrus will shed fruit or not produce at all if conditions are not favorable. If they are healthy I would think you have given them all they want. You should get another round of flowers this spring. I always aid in pollination by either using a small brush or even giving the limbs a few taps every day to help shake some pollen. Five of my trees are full of flowers right now in the greenhouse and with out bees or other pollinators Im not sure how much fruit I will get.


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dandirt(z8b MS)

Mike. Thanks for the info. Weather here on the gulf coast (Biloxi, MS) has been varied. Hopefully, conditions will be favorabe.

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