Planting seeds for Sour (Seville) Orange.

subtropixFebruary 26, 2011

My local Korean market was selling Sour Oranges and I picked up a few--for the seeds mainly. I have a large citrus collection and wanted to add a few of these. How do these oranges compare to other citrus in terms of ease of cultivation in containers and cold hardiness? Will seeds of the fruit eventually yield flowering plants or will they be sterile. Thanks in advance.

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njoasis, I am doing the same- after making marmalade from these seeds, I potted some of them up to grow. There was a post recently from a woman entitled something like "Seems like I have given birth" who grew a seed from a Seville orange that she got from Spain and in 10 years was giving blossoms! You could scroll back a few pages to find her post.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

the seeds of the fruit will yield flowering plants, but it will take a while (years). You may as well order a grafted plant or one propagated through cuttings to get fruit immediately (my recommendation is a grafted variety). They are very easy to maintain and I have heard that some people use this variety as a rootstock just because of its hardiness. The flowers of this plant are rated as the most fragrant among all citrus.

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