caesar.augusts(8)February 12, 2013

Hi everyone
I just joined this forum. I live in Panama city Fl. Currently have a Meyers lemon, first year, 3 ft, in a pot. Loaded with blossoms.
Question: what is a good ratio for fruit per inch of limb? I usually remove fruit to one for each 3-5 inches of limb.

Also have a Persian Lime 2 yr, loaded with fruit it set in October. I have removed over 100 fruit from the tree already and it keeps blossoming. Will this thing ever stop?


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, both cultivars tend to be very heavy and prolific producers, so a little thinning is helpful. I also tend to fertilize both my Meyer and my Bearss lime a little more heavily than the rest of my citrus for that reason. And will the blooming stop? Yes, to some degree, but both usually continue to bloom nearly year 'round. Especially the Meyer lemon.

Patty S.

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In the first year, for a tree that size I would not leave more than 6 or 7 lemons spaced around the tree; if you leave more than that, the tree will "forget" to grow.

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