Grafting saguaros.

Microthrix(9)July 31, 2012

Im so surprised that this never occured to me ... can you graft saguaros to make them grow faster? Can you do that to have a desert giant in 25 years instead of 50 ? Has anyone ever grafted a saguaro before? What should the saguaro be grafted onto?

Thanks in advance!

- zeck

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I think there's something about too-dissimilar vascular rings between the C. g. scion and any possible stock that prevents this - otherwise it (likely) would have been done a long time ago by graftmeisters such as Cactus Jordi and Miles Anderson.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Micro, Now I'm really surprised YOU even asked this question, but you did. So now I have to chime in with this, ( just kidding though.)

Here is one that has been grafted several times over to cut the time to a record 15 years. I was going to add another 5 ft. But I couldn't get a bigger ladder.

Member, just kidding Kiddo.


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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

Pachycereus pringlei is growing much faster than Carnegiea gigantea. So one could try use P. pringlei as understock. I never thought about this possibility before.


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Hi microthrix it definitely can be done. I have wondered the same thing.So on another forum site I asked someone posted a pic of their's grafted even to a pereopskis! I must say I was pretty shocked haha. Whether the degraft went successful idk but I have def seen it done.

Check it out

Here is a link that might be useful: Saguaro graft pic

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I ran the same question through my mind recently. My thought was to take 4-5 24' saguaros and graft them (One on top of the other) together and then possibly grafting arms onto it.Don't know how I would support the arms though!

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haha that would be sick. Arms would be so hard to graft unless you had plenty 2/4's and made a frame to support them.

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