Removing soil from rootbound jade?

Pallas_AthenaJuly 14, 2014

Hi there.

Trying to revive this suffering jade by repotting it into a gritty mix recipe. However, it's so rootbound that I don't know how to remove all the soil without breaking anything. Do you have any tips? I'd really like not to kill it. Thanks so much!

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Laura Robichaud

I use a garden hose on jet. It takes all that nasty soil off with very little root loss.

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Do you think this is clean enough?

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Okay, I cleaned a bit more off of it by spraying it, loosening the dirt with a metal chopstick, and, lastly, dunking it in in the toilet 'til no more dirt came off. I've potted it in the mix, placed it in the sun, and am hoping for the best!

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It shouldn't be wet when you repot it, and it shouldn't be watered for several days after repotting.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

In this case, the new mix will wick away any of that excess moisture, so I think it'll be okay. I would move the plant out of the sun for the new 2 - 3 days while it recuperates, then give the mix a very thorough watering and return it to a sunny location (preferably not too hot at first). I actually like my gritty mix to be moistened prior to potting, especially in the Summer.

Those trunks had a nice root-mass.


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You'll want to water it after repotting, which is one of the many joys of gritty mix. Letting roots dry out is not good for any plant, and will only increase the recovery time. I've tried letting jades go dry for a couple of days after a repot and they got wilted up and took longer to recover than ones I've watered right away.

Also, that jade was not all that rootbound at all. I just get a bucket of water, and tease out ALL of the old soil with my finger while dunking the rootball. You can be quite brutal to the roots, and it'll survive. You've done good for that jade by putting it in gritty mix.


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