April Blooms

susie_60ncApril 14, 2009

This is my tree peony....

Bearclaw Hellebore Babies

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Tammy Kennedy

OOOh- i get to be the first to say your peony is gorgeous! breathtaking! I like all the bearclaw babes, too.

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Stunning peony! I saw a mass planting of Bearclaw at Airlie Gardens and was really impressed with the blooms in February.


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Thanks Tamelask and Cameron, I think the bearclaw puts on a great show every year.I cut the seed head off of my bearclaw so i want get any more babies, I have plenty.....I enjoy the peonys when they bloom too.

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How many years did it take to get blooms on your tree peony? It's so beautiful, but I keep passing them up when I read about the years involved in growing them.


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Tammy Kennedy

I have a purple one, Cameron, and it took about 3 or 4 years to get my first blooms. I still don't get many, but the sheer size makes up for the lack of quantity. I think careful siting is important for them- i know mine's threatened by the later freezes nearly every year. They emerge with the buds much earlier than regular peonies. Perhaps i have mine too sheltered, which encourages it to open even sooner?

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transplanted2scin07(7b upstate SC)

I used to have a tree peony when I lived elsewhere. Mine also took a few years, but I think it was well worth it. Just be sure to put it exactly where you want it the first time you plant it. Each time you move it sets it back 2-3 years.

Here are a couple of non-peony pics from my April garden.

Lilac 'Blue Skies' - it is supposed to need less chill time to set bud. The next few years will tell.

Lithodora - the color is absolutely true blue. I love this plant!

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Tammy Kennedy

I love lithodora, too, but have trouble finding a spot it's happy in and will live more than a few years. My best luck has been in my mini orchard at the feet of the dwarf fruiting trees in the 18 & 32 gallon tubs. They like the drainage and light.

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I was reading a peony grower's site about planting, care, blooms of tree peonies -- so, hat's off to those of you who can successful grow tree peonies! :-) I'm impressed!


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The tree peony is gorgous. My mother has a red one, I was over there about a week ago and she only had gotten 2 blooms one was spent, BUT the one that was still there WOW. I didn't know they were so HUGE! It was beautiful. I am hoping I can talk her out of a piece....it was really lovely!
I like the Bearclaw babies too! WOW...nice stand.

I LOVE the lilac too, mama has a lilac tree too she told me I can get a piece of it WOOHOOO, I can't wait. I am gonna plant it close to the porch so I can smell it!

Thanks for the pics!

:) Fran

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