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greenhavenrdgardenJanuary 6, 2012

I am trying to find places for my type 2's and I'm curious about placement in relation to sun. I know my Nelly Moser will fade in the sun so I have her placed well. Out of my other choices do any other fade like that? Any suggestions as far as which I should pair together? The only 2 I have paired are Bourbon & Kakio but I could move them. I was also thinking Multiblue w/Crystal Fountain. These are what I have to choose from:

Nelly Moser

Kaiko (pink champagne)



Crystal Fountain


Dr Ruppel

H F Young


I tried googling and checking my books but I'm getting conflicting info. For example, some say Josrphine fades in the sun and some say it does better in full sun. Which would you pair and if you could add to them to pair feel free to suggest. I am always open to ordering/buying more.

Thanks in advance. Winter planning is the only thing keeping me sane in this dreary winter!!

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plantloverkat zone 9a north Houston(zone 9a)

"I am always open to ordering/buying more. "

I'm sorry I can't help with your question as I try to keep to the type 3 pruning group, which I feel is best for my climate, but I do love your attitude. I think many of us share the same sentiment.

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plantloverkat zone 9a north Houston(zone 9a)

I can't help with your question regarding fading in the sun, but if your second question regarding pairing is asking for advice about what looks good together, then I think that is largely a matter or personal preference. You might try looking through old posts in the clematis gallery to see if there are any combinations you particularly like. You could also try a google search for "image clematis", or something similar. I have enjoyed looking at photos of clematis on a Dutch nursery website - their combinations involve other plants besides just clematis, so it gives more to think about in terms of what to plant near clematis.

Hopefully others will chime in with their ideas for you to consider, or better yet, some photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: ways to use clematis in the garden

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

I agree with plantloverkat - consider combinations with other plants. I really liked a picture on that link that showed a white clematis with a green and white variagated shrub - I've gotta try that!

Two of my favorite combinations (I wouldn't swear to the names of most of my clematises, so consider the combinations on their merits as color companions and don't worry about names :-):

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

IMHO Crystal Fountain and Multiblue are too similar to plant together

Josephine does not fade in full sun for me, I've always read it to want full sun. Piilu fades just a little, not enough to move. I love Piilu. One of my favorites. Dr. Ruppel will probably fade. HF Young will probably fade.

When planting together, keep size of the vine in mind. Not just color combinations. Some grow much larger than others.

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plantloverkat zone 9a north Houston(zone 9a)

Woodyoak, I especially like that second photo! Thanks for sharing your photos.

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NHBabs z4b-5a NH(4b-5aNH)

I don't grow a whole lot of type IIs, but I do have HF Young. He is planted in a spot that gets several hours of morning sun and then bright shade the rest of the day. The blossoms don't fade in this situation, but it blooms well.

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