clematis from seed...we have germination!

piksi_hk(9)January 17, 2012

I sowed seeds from Nelly moser and I think they are starting to emerge! Boy, oh, boy, I'm so happy and excited!

I had sown seeds from C. crispa last spring and had a few seedlings but only one has survived and showing new growth!!!


I just had to share my news with other clem lovers.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Congratulations, I also grow clematis from seed and find it very rewarding.

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Hi mnwsgal,
What seeds did you sow? How are the doing? How did you get them to stay growing and healthy?
I'm trying my best to keep them alive.

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bcollingwood(Manchester UK)

piksi_hk Well done! You will get exciting new plants with exciting new flowers!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: clematis from seed

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Thanks, Brian, for reminding me of your very informative and helpful site. I had been there several times but now it is truly a "clematis-saver" since I have seedlings of my own to baby.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Great to see somebody has had success in growing clematis from seed. That website is confusing to me with my reading disability. I was just about to post a question to see if anybody had success in starting clematis from seeds. Did you wintersow it in a milk jug or some other type of container or regular flower pot? Any tips you mind sharing? I saw where it takes about 2 yrs. but it doesn't sound like yours took that long. What's your secret? I collected some seeds from my Dr. Ruppel vine and a new gardening friend shared some seeds that her MIL gave her for a Multi-blue variety but we don't know the name of it. Both of us are on the fence about doing this because of the uncertainty of how to go about doing it. Would really appreciate you or anybody that grows them from seed to share their experience and any useful tips.

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bcollingwood(Manchester UK)

piksi, just one point, don't ever spray them, or water them, from the top; always give water (extremely sparingly, only when the medium really is drying) to the base of the container. Only ever keep them 'just about moist', no more. You don't want 'damping off'. I'm sure you already know that, but, just mentioning. Once they are past the early weeks you can forget about this danger and soon give them a first prune. Once they start extension growth, which will be obvious, don't let them grow away, willy-nilly, keep them (the large-flowered seedlings) restricted to just 2 vines. They have germinated at just the right time, and, once you've seen them through the early stages, you will definitely go on to produce new flowers next season, without fail, and, if you give complete loving tlc from now, there's a modest but reasonable chance that some of them could flower toward the end of the first year. When flowers begin to form I promise you'll be thrilled.

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

How exciting. I grow a bunch of clems that produce seeds and I'm shocked that none have ever germinated. Some of mine produce like a hundred seed pods....seeds fly all over the ground and in more than 5 years i have never had a volunteer pop up???

Good luck with your seedlings.

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bcollingwood(Manchester UK)

Large-flowered hybrid seedling

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Brian, thanks so much for that info. I look at them every day making sure they are still alive. I will watch my watering and not to overwater them.

Pippi21, I'm going to email you privately.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Brian, a friend once told me to have the soil clear to the top of the container when planting seeds. It's supposed to let the seedlings get more air to prevent them damping off. I usually use a shallower container when planting seeds, and bottom water.
My SAC seeds down every year in my flower beds, and I have to hoe them out.

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