MY weed from H....!

carrie630(z7bNC)April 11, 2008

I don't know the name of this weed - but I can describe it pretty well:

It grows from runners, medium colored green rosette, the size of a silver dollar...(sort of, not really, but sort of looks like a small coreopsis, but flatter). It's driving me NUTS! i can't get rid of the stuff because it is spreading by runners and tangles into everything.

I didn't have it the year before, last year I let it go because I thought it was a reseed but unfortunately, it wasn't and by that time, it had spread like crazy.

Thanks for any input


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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Carrie, do a search on 'dollar weed' . I did and there are many people, mostly in the deeper South , that agree it's the weed from H...!

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Hi dotti - thanks for attempting to identify it - but it's NOT dollarweed - I am going to take a picture and post it on this thread. This is the most annoying weed I've ever had and hopefully it won't spread into my other borders.

Carrie (Uh oh it just rained last night - I bet there's more.......) :(

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Here it is!! This is one of a few hundred I have left - it spreads by runners (this one is big, probably I missed it last year - the babies obviously are smaller)


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I have that one too Carrie. Not in all my beds but at least four of them. I pull them but I have not been able to even make a dent in their population. Adele

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

That's Rumex acetosella (sheep's sorrel). I got rid of most of it out in the side garden (just kept pulling) but still have it in the front. I hate stilt grass so much that I don't have a lot of strong emotion left for this one, though.

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Tammy Kennedy

sorrel likes really acidic soil, so it's supposed to help to add some lime. I have it in 2 of my beds heavily, but i just pull it once or twice a year and don't sweat the rest. It's edible- look up sorrel recipes- so you could use it that way if you wanted. Sour lemony taste. It spreads by runners and seed.

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Well, I'm glad to know what that is. I transplanted a rose two years ago and it had two tiny little sprigs of this. so I didn't worry much about it. Last year it spread through the whole garden! I spent more time pulling it than anything else.

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spreads by seeds too - Well, those horrible weeds are EVEN going to get a chance to flower and seed - They are going to be history (I hope). All out war this weekend to get rid of this annoying weed. (It's through my daylilys, groundcover, etc. etc.)


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