Mbuckmaster, happy hour??

nannerbelle(8A)April 20, 2009

Here is a link to my HB feeder I told you about that DH made for me. Pull up a stool and enjoy the happy hour!! Enjoy!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird Happy Hour

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Tammy Kennedy

nanner- how do you clean it? Where are instructions to make one?

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Wow!!!! Very impressive, nanner. Kudos to you and your husband. I wish I were a hummer in your area! =)

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Tamelask, the end can be screwed off and a long bottle brush for the main body, then I picked up some of those little tiny brushes for the flowers. Thanks for the kind words from both of you!! We did enjoy coming up with the engineering on this and making it. I don't have any written instructions, but basically, it's a couple of pieces of PVC, threaded end caps, a T in the middle. I ordered the little yellow flowers off line from Perky Pet. Then a half gallon Smirnoff bottle, you will also use the baffle in the opening and the lid. Drill out the lid and press it into the Tee, then clean the bottle well and there is your nectar reservoir. The drilling things out is the pain, PVC is very slick so make sure you have a vice handy to hold onto the pipe. I also used a PVC paint that dries into a very hard shell. Good luck and post up yours should you decide to make one!! You may even have some better ideas to incorporate in!!

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Tammy Kennedy

Nanner- thanks so much for the instructions! I was curious, because the thing i like best about the feeder i use now is that it's very easy to clean. It sounds like yours isn't too bad. That's awesome! kudos on the great design! Will post pix if we get around to making one.

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Oh I'm insistent on ease of cleaning!! Ive got 8 or so other feeders, and the only ones I use are the wide mouth bottles with bases that come apart for easy cleaning. Keep me posted and give me a shout if you have more questions. :-)

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